Michael Block starring from Michael Jordan’s congratulatory text

Michael Block is living his best life after his historic PGA Championship run at Oak Hill Country Club. He mentioned that there were more than 2,000 texts he had to go through, including a congratulatory text from one of the greatest athletes in history, Michael Jordan.

As if his week couldn’t get any better, getting a message from someone like Jordan should make Block feel like he’s accomplished it. In a segment with ESPN, Block talked about how he didn’t even know how Jordan got his number.

“I don’t know how he got it [my number]… My Nike rep messaged me and was like ‘You got MJ’s text’ and I was like ‘uh, what?’ MJ texted me. I have thousands of texts so I can’t see anyone’s texts. So I literally spent half an hour… going through all the text until I found it,” said Block.

Throughout the past week, he’s been wearing Jordan golf shoes throughout the tournament, so it’s safe to say he’s already a fan of the brand.

The story came full circle for him when ESPN’s Matt Barrie mentioned that growing up in Iowa, Block had to save up to get a pair, and now, that’s likely never to be the case again.

“I wear Jordans – that’s all I do. I love Jordanian people. This is very nice. I love playing golf in it,” Block told Barrie. “That’s the thing – I feel like I play better golf with the Jordans. One of them is extraordinary.”

After PGA Championship week, Block will likely never need to buy another pair of Jordan shoes. Block has officially captured the heart of the golf world and seems to be enjoying the ride.

Michael Block did it this week at the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, TX, at the Colonial Country Club, where he’s looking to keep the ‘Block Party’ going and win over more golf fans.

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