Camel: "If Vinicius had left the field I would be with him"


Real Madrid-Rayo (X/7:30 p.m.)


The Madrid attacker positions himself against racism on the eve of the Vallecano team visiting the Bernabu, with the dream of qualifying to play in Europe increasingly distant

Sergio Camello, striker for Rayo.
Sergio Camello, striker for Rayo.ANGEL NAVARRETE

There was a time when his father thought maybe ice hockey was a good sport for his twin sons to do. But, when he found himself putting all the hulks on two children who would not stop still, he changed them and put them in what, from the beginning, seemed obvious to them. My father thought it would be easier for us to put our boots on and leave running around. Also, when I was little I didn’t let go of the ball, says Sergio Camello (Madrid, 2001), striker for Rayo Vallecano. A team that, perhaps, has fallen asleep again in this second round, as happened last year and has barely any reaction left. All year with Europe within reach and, the last defeat against Espanyol, has ended up taking that dream away from the club and Camel himself.

Three defeats in the last five games keep you away from Europe.
Yes, you look back and see games like Elche or Betis and it hurts. You have Europe next to you, but it is escaping from you and those who are there do not fail. But hey, until it’s mathematical, we’re going to keep fighting to achieve the dream.
Espanyol conquered Vallecas, something complicated this year. Is it difficult to play against the teams below?
Very complicated. For them too because it’s not easy to play with that pressure, but in the end they go to the death on every ball and that sometimes makes it seem impossible to beat them.
Now Real Madrid arrives and in their field, although you beat them in the first leg.
It is always very exciting to play in a field like Bernabu with the history it has. Although this year we have shown that the greats are good at competing with them, even outside of Vallecas. We have to play a perfect match, almost perfect is not worth it. Nothing is at stake but, after two defeats, I think they will want to finish well in front of their people.
As an athlete, I imagine that I will make you score.
As an athletic player, you always want to play at Bernabu, but if you score, it’s a dream.
I don’t know how to duel Vinicius with isicius
I like the nickname [re]. Isi is showing that he is at the national team level as they already sing to him in Vallecas. He is pulling the team at times when we need him and if the next day he throws the team behind him and scores a goal, great.
What about Vinicius?
I don’t know. There are people that certain insults affect them more than others. I don’t think it’s nice that in every field they are insulting you and more so with racist themes. I don’t think Spain is racist either. It is true that for two energimenos you can dirty the image of both Valencia and the country or the League a bit. Vinicius’s words on Sunday are hot. And I understand that everything around him affects him more. Although I don’t think he helps with his provocations either. I don’t think the gestures he has when they send him off help this change.
But already at the entrance to the stadium there are hundreds of people calling them monkey.
I will never be able to put myself in their shoes, logically. It has to be quite complicated, quite hard. I haven’t seen the images, but I don’t know at what moment one of those hundred people can say: ‘What the hell are we saying? Are we insulting a person because of the color of her skin?’ I don’t know what kind of education we are giving these children who see their father yelling cute at a 23-year-old boy. He seems to me nonsense and must be changed. I believe LaLiga, UEFA, everyone tries to change it. We have evolved a lot in this, but there will always be energetic people who, instead of going forward, go backwards.
Have you had problems with the black teammates on your team?
There is always some episode that you live. It’s not pretty and more so when it’s a partner that you know, that you live day to day with him. In the same way, Vinicius will have a thousand more problems and if so many characters start to insult you, well, in the end you can have a bad day and react badly. Courtois said that if Vinicius said the game was over, he would go with him. I see it well, that’s how things change.
Have you seen racism in your youth stage?
Yes, even being small. That is, in cadet or juvenile categories. There are always. They are rednecks, people who do not evolve. Also, it’s an insult that they do it because they know it hurts. It is from having zero education, zero empathy and I have seen him with children next to him, which is what hurts me the most. We will never evolve like this.
Also in the subsidiary you experienced the bite of your partner to Vinicius.
Is different. He bit Vinicius as he could have bitten another. Tachi, I know him, he’s a very competitive guy, one of these football nuts in a good way. It was a derby and they were hot. It’s that Vinicius is very good, right now being in the top five players, and he makes you desperate because he goes one way, on the other, he makes a filigree for you and he goes above you and makes you desperate. I don’t see it well, but it’s not the same.
You as a striker will also receive a lot
I think we are very protected right now, the strikers and all the players. Before, when there was no VAR or the assistants saw it or they kicked you a lot. Now, as soon as your foot slips a bit, you go out into the street.
Has the arrival of RDT changed your role in the team?
I carry it well. In the end, I am in the First Division. I would have signed everything I have played this year and what I have contributed. Ral is a player of a high level who has had a hard time getting up to speed because his situation was very difficult, but now he is very good. I continue working and try to continue contributing. And, if Ral has to play and help the team with goals, then I am more than happy.
What is it like to share a team with RDT and Falcao?
Well, the truth is that it tastes. For me, having two references like that, because you see them train and you drool and you learn. They are two forwards, one of whom has been a legend and the other is on his way to becoming one.
You have seven goals, more than double the two.
I also think it took more than twice as long [re]. I’m doing well and I’m also providing assists, work… Me, delighted to add.
Where do you see yourself next year?
I don’t know. The safest thing is that he will do the preseason with Atleti and he will decide. I don’t know what the club wants. If they want it to come out again and there is the Rayo option, and the structure is also maintained, I would be willing to return and I would be the happiest in the world.
Have you been from Atleti since you were little?
I have always been with Atleti, I have been since I was nine years old. He has made me very happy and he has given me everything. I am playing in First Division thanks to Atleti.
Have you always been into football?
I didn’t drop the ball when I was little, but when you’re already involved in this and I leave training, the only thing I want then is to disconnect. I see matches that have to be seen, but I don’t force myself because it’s not something I don’t like very much either. I prefer to watch movies or go out with my friends and distract my mind, which is also good.

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