Yeon Woo Jin Realized This Important Thing After Acting As A Dream Boyfriend On ‘Thirty Nine’


Regarding The Ending Of ‘Thirty Nine’, Yeon Woo Jin Talked About The Lessons He Learned From This Drama. Check Out The Full Narrative Below.

The JTBC drama ” Thirty Nine ” has aired its last episode at the end of March. In this regard, Yeon Woo Jin talked about his experience playing the role of Kim Sun Woo.

In more detail, Kim Sun Woo is described as a dermatologist and lover of Cha Mi Jo, played by Son Ye Jin . He is the type of ideal boyfriend who is always there for Cha Mi Jo in good and bad times.

Kim Sun Woo’s perfection not only stole the hearts of viewers, but also made Son Ye Jin excited. “Kim Sun Woo’s character, played by Yeon Woo Jin is so perfect that I asked if there is a man like this in the world. He is a fantastic man who really cares and understands everything,” said Son Ye Jin at the press conference of “Thirty Nine”.

Because of that perfection, Yeon Woo Jin realized several important things about life after playing the role of Kim Sun Woo. He said, “I had a very meaningful time playing Kim Sun Woo.”

“I have asked many questions and concerns to become a better human being and a good adult, and I have realized various understandings and views about the world and people. I think it will be a good provision for my acting in the future,” he added.

Yeon Woo Jin then thanked the cast, crew and loyal viewers of this drama. He said, “Thanks to (everyone), because of them, I was able to laugh a lot until the end and enjoy filming. I want to thank everyone who was with me.”

Meanwhile, “Thirty Nine” closed its journey brilliantly even though the story was filled with tears. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama’s final episode recorded a rating of 8.1 percent, the highest number it has since aired on February 16.

The drama slot itself will be replaced with ” Green Mothers’ Club ” starring Lee Yo Won . The plan, the drama will begin airing on April 6.


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