Suho Reveals The Smellest EXO Member, Favorite Items, And Places He Wants To Visit


Recently On April 7 KST, Hello82 Shared A New Video On Their Youtube Channel Featuring Suho. He Answered Many Questions In English As Part Of The Series ‘Datadrop.’

EXO ‘s Suho has just made a solo comeback with the second mini album titled “Grey Suit.” In his latest interview, the 1991-born singer answered many questions, including who among EXO smells the most, where he wants to travel, and more.

Recently on April 7 KST, hello82 shared a new video on their Youtube channel featuring Suho. He answered many questions in English as part of the channel’s “Datadrop” series, where they had to “fly” their answers.

During the interview, many things about the idol were asked such as his favorites and hopes for the future. When Suho was asked what his favorite fashion item was, the idol answered with a watch. “My favorite fashion item is a watch. I think it’s simple. It’s enough,” said Suho.

Suho was then asked what perfume he used, and he revealed that he didn’t actually use any perfume. According to Suho, his natural scent is the best. “I don’t use perfume because I really like my natural scent. It’s the same with the ‘kku-an-kku’ style,” said Suho with a laugh.

He was then asked which EXO member smells the most out of them all. For this, he remembers the time when [c=Sehun called Suho the most fragrant person. “You know, Sehun once said, ‘Suho’s scent is the best among the EXO members.’ That’s why I don’t wear any perfume,” he said.

hello82 then asked Suho who he texted or called last, which he shared was his mother. He explained that he had been busy lately because of his work, which made his mother very worried about him.

He then took the time to give his mother a short but sweet message, “So, I just wanted to tell her, ‘I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.'”

Regarding the most memorable place Suho has ever visited, he mentioned Los Angeles as his favorite place because there are not many skyscrapers compared to Korea. So when he is in Los Angeles, he feels a lot of freedom as if he were in nature.

As for places he wants to visit in the future, but haven’t visited yet, Suho hopes to one day be able to go to Santorini in Greece. “I think it’s a very beautiful place and I always see the place on Youtube. So I really want to visit there someday,” he said.


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