Sakura Shares First Moment With LE SSERAFIM, Say This Sweet Thing


Miyawaki Sakura Shared The First Moment With LE SSERAFIM Through Her Personal Instagram Account While Revealing This Sweet Thing In Her Upload Caption.

LE SSERAFIM ‘s debut has been eagerly awaited by fans. Not surprising considering this will be a permanent group of 2 former IZ*ONE members namely Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon .

LE SSERAFIM itself consists of 6 members namely Sakura, Kim Garam , Hong Eunchae , Kim Chaewon, Kazuha , and Huh Yunjin . This group, which has not officially debuted yet, seems to have gained a lot of fans at this time.

Sakura herself doesn’t seem to hesitate to share sweet moments with LE SSERAFIM through her personal Instagram account. Sakura shows the behind-the-scenes moments when LE SSERAFIM shoots.

These moments seem to be captured using a film camera. The beautiful idol born in 1998 seemed to write a sweet caption for the portrait of his togetherness with his new group.

” A serious genius who goes to the set with a film camera!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!! ” Sakura said in a series of portraits that she shared yesterday, Thursday (14/4).

Sakura’s upload was immediately filled with sweet comments from fans. They admitted that they were very impatient to wait for LE SSERAFIM’s debut.

” The 1st update with LE SSERAFIM members, ” said one fan. ” We are very enthusiastic, ” said another. ” Ohhhh ciwi ciwi can’t wait, ” said another. ” OT6 pic yesss, ” said another. ” REALLY BEAUTIFUL, ” another complimented. ” Wow, all like super models, ” explained another.

The only members of LE SSERAFIM who have personal Instagram accounts are known to be Sakura and Kim Chaewon. The reason is, both of them had it long before LE SSERAFIM debuted. Usually, rookie group members themselves don’t have personal Instagram accounts for several years.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM itself will officially debut on May 2. Currently, LE SSERAFIM itself has started to promote ahead of their debut.


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