Review & Synopsis of Gone for Good, The Mystery of the Lost Lover


Losing a loved one is a very painful thing. Moreover, when the loved one just disappeared without giving a reason, his whereabouts became a mystery. This is what happened to the character Guillame in the series Gone for Good.

The following is a review and synopsis of the Gone for Good series, a series that will invite you to unravel the riddle about the disappearance of a woman named Judith Conti.

This French production series is based on the best-selling novel by author Harlan Coben. Gone for Good has a total of 5 episodes, with an average duration of about 45 minutes for each episode.

The series is told in a back and forth plot and begins with the murder scene of Guillaume’s ex-lover, Sonia and the disappearance of Guillaume’s older brother, Fred.

Years later, Guillaume has worked as a social worker and is in a relationship with Judith Conti. When his mother died, Guillaume proposed to Judith. But Judith disappeared suddenly that day. Guillaume tries to find out where Judith went with her co-worker, Daco.

Guillaume’s search takes him back to his past. He meets Ines, the sister of Sonia who is now an adult. From Ines, he finds out if Sonia also has a friend named Judith Conti. Meanwhile, Ines is also struggling to release the shadow of Sonia that has always haunted her for many years.

Guillaume had a hard time finding Judith because he and Judith agreed not to bring up their past during their relationship.

However, Guillaume received word from the police that a person named Judith Conti was found dead. He also received news about Judith’s past who was said to be a prostitute and had been involved in murder.

A woman who claims to be the mother of Judith then meets Guillaume and asks about Judith’s child named Alice. This made Guillaume even more confused.

However, when he visited Judith Conti’s funeral, the corpse they called Judith Conti was in fact not the figure of his missing lover Judith.

With the help of Daco, who sacrificed himself to go back to his past while still a member of the Nazis, Guillaume finds out about Judith and Alice.

He again discovers the fact that the girl named Alice was taken by a man who looks like Fred, his older brother who disappeared ten years ago and it is believed his family has died.

Slowly, Guillaume also discovered one by one the facts that seemed to be related. Judith Conti who died was the wife of his older brother, Fred. While his girlfriend’s real name is Nora.

She was saved by Fred from her ex-husband who wanted to kill her. Fred then gives Nora the identity of Judith in order to escape the crime of murder.

Nora, who often heard Guillaume’s stories from Fred and Alice, then deliberately proposed at Guillaume’s workplace until they were dating.

Fred is still alive and then meets Guillaume to solve all these problems, including hunting down Kessler and Ostertag, his former friends who were involved in the shooting on the day Sonia died.

Another fact is revealed when Guillaume and Fred try to save Nora who was kidnapped by Ostertag. During this time, Guillaume believed that Sonia’s killer was Ostertag, but that night, it was Fred who killed Sonia before he escaped from Ostertag’s pursuit. Guillaume then shot Fred with the gun he was holding.

Mystery Back and forth Flow
The story in the Gone for Good series is told with a back and forth storyline in each episode. Throughout this series, the audience will be presented with many flashback scenes that will explain how the stories are related to one another.

This flashback scene is displayed quite a lot, even the movement between scenes is often filled with the storyline that goes back backwards. The storyline that is displayed back and forth will make this series full of mystery and enigmas.

The audience seemed to be invited to unravel all the puzzles from the point of view of the main character, Guillaume. Along with the many flashback scenes that occur, the mystery that feels strange at first begins to make sense and in the end all events become intertwined.

Not only from the storyline that is told back and forth, the nuances of the puzzle and mystery of this series are also felt from the cinematography to the sound system used. In many scenes, this series shows a lot of visuals that feel dark and dark with a sound system that feels dramatic.

With a back and forth plot full of flashback scenes, make sure you pay close attention to the year and location information shown at the beginning of each scene so you can really understand the storyline of this series.

At least, this film tells the story of five time periods, namely 1995, 2010 period, 2015, 2017 period, and the present.

Characters with Complex Problems
The Gone for Good series has many characters with complex personalities and problems. Each episode of the series is also titled with each character, starting from Guillaume, Ines, Daco, Nora, and Fred. In each of these episodes, the background of each of these characters will be told.

Each of these main characters will retell how their life was until they arrived at the present life. When you delve into the background of each character, you will see how these characters have their own personalities and complex problems.

In each episode, you seem to only see the problems of each of these characters. But uniquely, these characters who are not related at first will be connected by one thing after you hear the story of each character and their story will become a continuation of the story.


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