[REVIEW] Emily In Paris (Netflix) – The movie that helps you escape from real life


There is no deep plot, nor does it bring any meaningful message, yet the audience does not stop clicking on the next episodes of Emily In Paris.

After the overwhelming success of the audience in season 1 last year, on December 17, 2021 Emily In Paris returned with season 2, hoping to portray a more mature and profound version of Emily. This is a Netflix series since its debut that has received mixed reviews and bad reviews from critics but with a record number of viewers for season 1 and even received nominations. At the Golden Globe with the Best Comedy category , the film really left an interesting impression on the audience. Looking at a movie sometimes is not to look for a higher meaning in life, what viewers may need is just moments of entertainment, escape from reality, Emily In Paris succeeded in this.

Season 2 is still the continuation of the life of American girl Emily during a year of working as a marketer in the capital of light. Following the end of the old season, Emily In Paris 2 opens with a tangled love triangle between Emily and her first best friend in France, Camille and the neighbor Gabriel. And besides, there can’t be a shortage of funny stories at the Savior advertising agency, where Emily and the characters are able to reveal their full abilities and personality. Through that, the views on cultural differences and different behaviors of different classes of people in the same society are also considered to be expressed through each episode.

One thing that definitely “catches” viewers from season 1 to season 2 of Emily In Paris is the unpredictable and confusing fashion of trendy Emily. If in season 1, her colorful outfits are still acceptable with just enough coordination, in season 2, the chaotic mixture of her clothes makes viewers bored. and find it less interesting. In one of the most fashionable capitals of the world, most of all in France, where sophistication and simplicity are prominent factors in shaping style, it seems that Emily wants to do the exact opposite, like The way she did it didn’t work very well with those eye-catching rainbow-colored outfits.

Even the supporting characters have a much more admirable fashion sense, such as Camille or Mindy, the clothes of these characters are very good-looking and also highly applicable. In general, they exude their own aura, and our main character is no different from a colorful ice cream that children loved when they were children.

Recognizing the comments from the audience in season 1 about overly flattering the main character, Emily In Paris had a slight change when this season 2 devoted an entire episode to talking about Emily going to learn French and how How badly she fell from school. Although, her work projects are still smooth sailing as usual, but in season 2 more difficult challenges at least happened to her. Regarding Emily’s love story, it has never been a “hot” topic for the audience to talk about this flamboyant and confusing girl.

The content of Emily In Paris ‘s script in season 2 does not cause anything strange and new to the audience, it is still predictable and in the same way. Perhaps the most significant thing is the unexpected episode in the final episode so that it sets the stage for the next movie, a moderate twist for viewers to expect. The content is not new, nor the message is noble, but it is undeniable that Emily In Parisalways urge viewers to hit Netflix’s tempting “next episode” button. When there is too much pressure, too many things to think about, sometimes what moviegoers simply need is just beautiful and entertaining footage. This series has done both of those things well, the romantic landscapes of France, the extravagant costumes that have pulled viewers away from the gloomy scenes caused by Covid, all are now just footage. It’s beautiful and the characters’ silly, cute, comfortable stories bring.

Lily Collins is an actress to watch, but her character in Emily In Paris season 2 is sometimes even less interesting than the side characters. In addition to Emily’s main story, season 2 also emphasizes the story of Chinese girl Mindy, giving up her rich family background to be able to independently pursue her passion. But her character is still quite shallowly exploited, while this is definitely a very interesting character to be exploited more than that, who possesses an attractive voice (completely covers BTS’ Dynamite ) and has unique features. The performance captivated the audience. Besides, the character Sylvie – Emily’s boss in France is also a “fertile land” to exploit her potential, this season she has had more acting land and made certain impressions for viewers. .

Leaving aside the factors that “color” everything too much, if you are considering a comedy – romantic, gentle, then Emily In Paris can be added to the list. No need to think complicate everything, the movie simply brings moments of entertainment and comfort to you in those days when you want to escape from real life.


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