Does ‘one Piece Film: Crimson’ Have A Western Release Date?

When it involves the One Piece series, there’s really no scarcity of content material for anime fans to consume. Not handiest are there over one thousand episodes at present with several specials and OVA as well as 102 manga volumes, however 14 characteristic movies. Very quickly, there can be a 15th addition to the movie series as nicely: One Piece Film: Red.

One Piece Film: Red is the latest complete-length film primarily based at the One Piece series. It made waves within the anime network whilst it was first introduced back in November 2021 as part of the party surrounding the show’s a thousandth episode. That’s quite a feat, in any case, one among which certainly deserved to be paired with a new movie declaration.

Set to observe a brand new individual named Uta, One Piece Film: Red will take visitors to a new island in which the pop diva takes the degree to perform for her adoring fans. According to the trailer, Uta is “the sector’s best diva”, and her voice is about to change the sector. Of path, this is hardly ever the maximum exciting aspect about her, as the full trailer reveals that Uta is honestly the daughter of legendary pirate Red-Haired Shanks.

With this kind of dynamite premise, it’s clean to understand why One Piece lovers virtually can’t wait to get into a theater to peer the state-of-the-art addition to the series’ set of attractive, action-packed movies. But when precisely can fans expect to peer One Piece Film: Red hitting US theaters? Has the movie been greenlit for a Western launch date simply yet? If you’re questioning while you could snag your tickets, we’ve got the solutions you’re in search of under. Yo-ho-ho, don’t take a chunk of Gum-Gum! Just keep reading. What is the Western release date for ‘One Piece Film: Red’?

Does One Piece Film: Red have a Western launch date? The quick solution is not any. Not but, besides. The film is ready for a Japanese launch, however, on August 6, 2022. That’s in only a few months, right earlier than fall sets in. That date was confirmed in the full-duration One Piece Film: Red trailer and has been set in stone for some time. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an reputable Western release date for the movie confirmed simply but.

Most anime movies release in Japan first and hit Western theaters at a later date, typically with the alternatives for dubbed or subtitled showings on distinctive dates. Funimation is the North American distributor for One Piece, and debuted the 14th movie in the collection’ history, One Piece: Stampede in October 2019, only some months after its August 2019 Japanese debut.

If we cross with the aid of that good judgment, it’s exceedingly viable that after One Piece Film: Red debuts in August 2022, we may want to see a Western release date as early as October 2022. Given that COVID-19 continues to be very much a subject, but, and One Piece: Stampede launched all through a pre-pandemic schedule, it’s viable Funimation can also want greater time to finish the venture for English-speaking visitors in the West. It’s also of note that, in the official Crunchyroll trailer put up, the words “Coming Soon” appear at the give up of the clip, that means the film’s release may be lots closer than we assume it’s miles.

So in case you’re seeking to see the latest One Piece movie as quickly as feasible, your first-rate bet goes to be to wait a few months and hold your eyes on One Piece news as soon as it hits. We may additionally see it as early as Fall 2022, however not anything has been formally showed just but. Rest confident, however, because of One Piece’s reputation, we’ll likely be seeing it very, very quickly.

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