Bro Daddy Review: A Fairy-story Circle Of Relatives Movie


Story: John Kattady and his wife Annamma think about marrying off their son Eesho to Anna, who is the daughter of their lengthy-time family friend Kurien. Eesho and Anna don’t act too impressed with each other, in spite of their mother and father’ interest inside the alliance. Little do the families recognise what goes on in the back of the curtains in their lives.

Review: Right from its promos, Bro Daddy has been giving the vibes of an aesthetically shot excessive-class own family comedy drama, wealthy with opulent settings, a Kottayam Christian heritage and some buoyant characters. Offering an prolonged fairy-tale model of the equal, the movie is pretty keen to entertain thru each inch of it, through its 2.five hours plus walking time.

Though the dad and mom of Eesho (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and Anna (Kalyani Priyadarshan) had been friends for years and are keen to get their children married to each different, the children aren’t too eager to do the same. Eesho’s dad John (Mohanlal) additionally feels that his son can’t impress Kurien (Lalu Alex), Anna’s father, as a son-in-regulation. However, each the families are inside the darkish concerning how the kids’ lives are in Bengaluru, in which each of them work.

Thanks to its proficient forged, Bro Daddy keeps one inquisitive about the proceedings proper from the beginning. Prithviraj and Mohanlal provide some exciting moments of the equations among a son and pa, who don’t have a good deal age gap among them. Lalu Alex has also tried to tickle our humorous bones at various stretches within the movie, in which Kalyani Priyadarshan’s characterisation, too, is clean. Deepak Dev’s tune suits the temper of the film pretty well.

On and stale, there are moments while one feels like being on a luxurious domestic tour, as the movie navigates via conditions with infrequently any depth. From some of the too-excellent-to-be real person portrayals to extremely predictable dialogues – which includes those within the climax – the film also makes one surprise whether any notion changed into placed into including novelty into the content. Soubin Shahir’s individual attempts difficult to pressure laughter into the mess, however regularly fails. The film’s duration can come across as lengthy, mainly in the ones quantities where you can actually clearly foresee the outcome – just like the sanatorium scene regarding the characters of Mohanlal, Lalu Alex and Jagadish.

The lovers of the leading actors searching out some age-antique lightweight leisure in a Kerala Christian placing can supply the film an eye fixed.


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