These Are The Two Most Important Rules In The LE SSERAFIM Dorm So That The Members Stay Together


Yunjin Revealed That They Decided To Follow Two Ground Rules. The First Rule Is To Accept And Understand Everything That Happens, Including The Actions Of Fellow Members.

SOURCE MUSIC and HYBE’s new girl group, LE SSERAFIM , consists of members from various backgrounds and experiences. Having different backgrounds and a huge age difference, they must live their relationship the first time they meet.

With this in mind, Huh Yunjin was asked in an interview with Weverse Magazine what methods the members used to bring the group together. “And now you’re on another team, making new beginnings together. What did LE SSERAFIM do to become one team?” asked Weverse Magazine.

Yunjin revealed that they decided to follow two ground rules. The first rule is to accept and understand everything that happens, including the actions of fellow members.

“We made some basic rules. First, just accept something. Just accept and understand something, no matter the situation, the circumstances, whatever we feel, whatever the other members do,” said Yunjin.

Another rule they decided on was to express their feelings for each other. Given that most of them are introverts, they struggle to open up to each other, instead of trying to work things out on their own. This hinders the development of their friendship, so they realize that it is something they should avoid.

“The second is expressing ourselves. Since we’re all introverted types, we’re not very good at bringing things up when we’re having a hard time, even if there are disagreements or hurt feelings, and we each tend to try to work things out on our own, so we can’t help each other.” know well. So we decided to express ourselves more, and this has been going on for quite a while.”

Due to this rule, their relationship has grown stronger and they are now closer than before. The members try to always be there for each other, especially when they are struggling. They are now considering being in the same group “destiny”.

“We just say whatever we want because we feel it’s okay to say anything. Now, with everything we do, we always say things like, ‘This must be fate,’ or, ‘How lucky are we to be. together?’ or, ‘Maybe we were meant to be together,'” Yunjin said.


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