The Difference In The Number Of Female Idols That YG And JYP Have Debuted In 26 Years Is Surprising


If You List All The JYP And YG Entertainment Girl Groups Over The Years, The Difference In The Number Of Groups And The Number Of Female Idols They Debuted Is Striking.

The differences between YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment girl groups over the past 26 years will shock you. The ratio is truly staggering.

If JYP is known as a master in producing popular girl groups, YG is arguably the most successful girl group in K-Pop. If you list all the JYP and YG girl groups over the years, the difference in the number of groups and the number of female idols they debuted is striking.

Within 7 years from 2015 to 2022, JYP debuted four girl groups, namely TWICE , ITZY , NiziU , and NMIXX . Each group has a distinctive musicality and concept, successfully stealing the public’s attention.

The total number of members of these 4 groups is 30, which means JYP has debuted 30 female idols in just 7 years. This doesn’t even include the other two famous girl groups that debuted early, Wonder Girls or miss A.

In detail, TWICE has 9 members, ITZY debuted with 5 members, NiziU has 9 members, while NMIXX, which just debuted, has 7 members.

On the other hand, in the 26 years from 1996 to 2022, YG Entertainment only released 2 female idol groups with a total of 8 members, divided equally by 2 lineups, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ). This number is even less than the boy group YG TREASURE with 12 members.

Based on these figures, the differences in the strategies for creating and debuting girl groups JYP and YG can be clearly seen. However, the common point is that YG and JYP girl groups are all successful and well-loved, topping K-Pop for generations.

YG’s rookie group debut will be announced soon. Many are curious about how many members this group has.


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