Soon To Be Over, Lee Jun Ki And Kim Ji Eun Beber Feel Like Starring In ‘Again My Life’


Lee Jun Ki And Kim Ji Eun Compactly Shared Closing Comments Ahead Of The End Of SBS Drama ‘Again My Life’. Check Out Their Full Story In The News Below.

SBS will broadcast the last episode of ” Again My Life ” on Saturday (28/5) tonight. Towards the end, the players shared their closing comments to say goodbye to the viewers.

“Again My Life” tells the story of a prosecutor who has to suffer a tragic death while trying to bring down a corrupt politician. However he finally gets a second chance at life and suddenly returns to 15 years ago. He finally prepared himself to face the politician better than ever.

Lee Jun Ki, who plays Kim Hee Woo, admitted that he couldn’t believe it because this drama had ended. He said, “To be honest, I couldn’t believe it (when we were filming), I was so nervous and we had to make sure no one got hurt.”

He continued, “Suddenly, unfortunately (it’s) the last day. I sincerely thank you for giving us a lot of strength and support, so that we can gain strength and work diligently to finish well.”

“Thanks to all of you, I think we can finish it happily until the end. I will try to greet you next time with another cool image. Hope you are happy and healthy,” he added.

On the other hand, Kim Ji Eun who plays Kim Hee Ah commented, “Thank you for watching and loving ‘Again My Life’ until now. If there is a time in your life where you want to try again, I hope you will seek our drama and accept our hopes and dreams. convenience.”

“That’s the kind of drama for me and these are the times when I’m happy and proud to be a part of it. I will greet you again with a different kind of good acting,” concluded the 1993-born actress.

Meanwhile, the slot for “Again My Life” on SBS Friday – Saturday night will be replaced with ” Why Her “. The plan, the drama starring Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop will start airing on June 3.


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