Son Suk Ku Displays Kim Ji Won’s Photo, Writes A Sweet Message After ‘My Liberation Notes’ Ends


Son Suk Ku Via His Personal Instagram Account Uploaded Photos Of The Scene When The Character He Played, Mr. Gu Is With His Girlfriend, Yeom Mi Jung (Kim Ji Won).

” My Liberation Notes ” aired the last episode on Sunday (29/5). According to Nielsen Korea’s records, the 16th episode of the JTBC drama closed with the highest rating throughout the broadcast of 6.1 percent.

As soon as “My Liberation Notes” ended, Son Suk Ku via his personal Instagram account uploaded photos of the scene when the character he played, Mr. Gu is with his girlfriend, Yeom Mi Jung ( Kim Ji Won ). There is also Yeo Mi Jung’s own photo.

The handsome actor also left a sweet message. “I really like Mi Jung who is now moving forward step by step seeking her own release without having to depend on anyone,” wrote Son Suk Ku.

Son Suk Ku also added his wish for the audience, “I hope that everyone will also feel touched and will live happily without worry. Thank you for watching. I adore all of you. #MyLiberationNotes.”

Previously in an interview released by the production team towards the end of “My Liberation Notes”, Son Suk Ku had time to reflect on how his experience playing Mr. Gu had helped him understand himself better.

“In order to know and understand Mr. Gu’s character, I took a close look at my friends and family, and also spent a lot of time talking to myself, which was great. After the drama started airing, I was able to see all kinds of feelings from viewers, and I’m happy because it helps me to know and understand Mr. Gu better,” said Son Suk Ku.

Son Suk Ku continued, “I’m really grateful to the viewers who were a part of ‘My Liberation Notes’ with us and to Mr. Gu for giving me this valuable experience. I hope it will remain a drama that, when you find yourself through hard times, you guys secretly search and watch again yourself like a diary.”

Meanwhile at the end of “My Liberation Notes”, the three brothers Yeom Ki Jung ( Lee El ), Yeom Chang Hee ( Lee Min Ki ) and Yeom Mi Jung were released on their own terms. The same thing happened to Mr. Gu who felt Mi Jung was standing at the end of the road and smiled at her.


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