Seungri’s Instagram Account Potentially Deactivated After Sentenced To Prostitution Cases

The Prostitution Case That Dragged Seungri’s Name Has Been Passed For A Long Time. After The Judge’s Decision Was Confirmed And Tapped The Hammer, A Number Of Netizens Highlighted The Instagram Account Of The Former BIGBANG Member.

The Burning Sun case that dragged former BIG BANG member Seungri has found a bright spot. The Supreme Court sentenced Seungri to 1 year and 6 months in prison.

After a statement from the authorities appeared, some people expected Seungri’s Instagram to be closed. Therefore, the idol’s Instagram account, whose real name is Lee Seung Hyun, is expected to disappear because he is called a “sex offender”.

The first division of the Supreme Court confirmed on May 26 that Seungri who was indicted on charges of gambling, crimes of sexual violence (prostitution, mediating prostitution, using a camera, etc.) was sentenced to the same sentence as the second trial.

From December 2015 to January of the following year, Seungri was charged with orchestrating prostitution several times to investors from Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong to attract club investment and financial investment businesses. He was also charged with paying someone to have sex for himself.

According to Instagram’s policy, in the case of convicted sex offenders after the reports from netizens are received, the accounts will be closed after checking whether they will be punished. Regarding this, JoyNews24 reported on the same day, netizens have carried out this according to the procedure and the judge’s decision. According to JoyNews24’s report, according to the Supreme Court’s decision that netizens continued to report to Instagram to close Seungri’s account.

So far, Seungri’s Instagram account is accessible. Along with photos and videos uploaded in the past, the last post that Seungri made was announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry in March 2019 remains the same and does not decrease. It is known that Seungri has more than 8 million followers. Seungri showed special affection for Instagram when he uploaded more than 1,600 posts.

However, if Instagram confirms Seungri’s belief in sex crimes, his account is expected to be closed soon. In other words, it was only a matter of time before his Instagram completely shut down.

Besides, the Instagram account of singer Go Young Wook who was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing a minor was also closed after he was found guilty. So this is also possible for Seungri to experience.

Meanwhile, Seungri was originally scheduled to be discharged from the military in September last year after his first trial. However, because he was suspended from dismissal under the Military Service Act, he was tried by a higher court as a soldier.

When the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence on May 26, Seungri who is still incarcerated in a military prison will be transferred to a private prison after being put into the wartime workforce. Seungri’s sentence is effective until February 2023.

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