List Of Girl Group Album Sales Throughout 2022, Red Velvet Beats IVE And TWICE

This List Does Not Only Contain Sales Of The Latest Albums But Also Old Albums Which Then Accumulated Sales Figures Throughout The First Half Of 2022. Red Velvet Took First Place.

Girl groups are increasingly showing their power in 2022, from what was previously known to be inferior in physical album sales to now recording hundreds of thousands of copies. Recently, the list of girl groups with the most physical album sales in 2022 was released.

This list does not only contain sales of the latest albums but also old albums whose sales figures were then accumulated throughout the first half of 2022. In this list, Red Velvet , which this year made a comeback with the album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” took first place with 801.188 copies.

Next, IVE took 2nd place with 747,792 copies of single albums “Love Dive” and “Eleven” sold during 2022. TWICE and NMIXX took 3rd and 4th place respectively with 511,458 and 476,772.

In a row, the girl groups taking 5th to 10th place are LE SSERAFIM , Kep1er , STAYC , (G)I-DLE fromis_9 , and BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ). This list also reaped comments from netizens on the Theqoo site.

“BLACKPINK, snicker. They’ve been on hiatus for a long time, but they’re amazing,” commented netizens. “Even though TWICE didn’t release an album this year. Daebak …” said another netizen. “Wow Red Velvet is crazy. BLACKPINK please come back quickly…” said another.

“BLACKPINK hasn’t even released an album yet, right?” said netizens. “Red Velvet is in their 9th year, is this possible?” another commented, “IVE is a rookie group but they are crazy,” praised netizens. “TWICE and BLACKPINK didn’t even make a comeback, kekekeke,” added another.

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