LE SSERAFIM Criticized Lebay Because He Wants To Win Billboard And Invited A Grammy Like BTS


For A Girl Group That Just Debuted, LE SSERAFIM’s Ambition Deserves Thumbs Up. Throughout The History Of K-Pop, Only One Group Has Achieved The Two Things They Wanted, Namely BTS.

LE SSERAFIM have high dreams for their music career. However, this girl group HYBE and Source Music has been criticized for being too much or too much.

Following their debut, LE SSERAFIM will appear on the popular JTBC program ” Ask Us Anything .” The way Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon introduced themselves was successful.

Miyawaki Sakura said, “Do you know the Grammys? I’m Sakura expecting to receive an invitation from the Grammys.”

Meanwhile, Kim Chaewon introduced himself by saying, “Chaewon? You know Billboard right? I’m Chaewon expecting an award from Billboard.”

For a girl group that just debuted, LE SSERAFIM’s ambition deserves thumbs up. Throughout the history of K-Pop, only one group has achieved the two things they wanted, namely BTS ( Bangtan Boys ).

BTS has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart many times and is the group with the most wins at the Billboard Music Awards. The group led by RM ( Rap Monster ) has also been invited to appear at the Grammy Awards several times, although it has not won a single trophy.

But instead of getting support, LE SSERAFIM’s desire to achieve feats like BTS was flooded with ridicule. The girl group who just debuted on May 2, 2022 with the song “FEARLESS” was criticized excessively.

“Source Music are people who force them to be ‘BTS’s little sister’ with their own mouths. LE SSERAFIM is playing dirty overall,” commented netizens. “Grammys? Especially the daesang, they won’t even be able to accept it,” added another netizen.

“They’re not even in Big Hit but at Source Music, they’re just in the same company yet they talk like that? They’re so overreacting,” wrote a netizen. “That’s too bad. Don’t they know they’d be even more unwelcome if they acted like that?” netizens pout.

“It’s not just LE SSERAFIM, but I cringe when there are groups talking about the Grammys and Billboard as they struggle to even get into the music charts and get awards in their home countries,” said another.

“It’s a bit sad when you think about it. It’s good to dream big but it’s better to be realistic to avoid disappointment. Companies need to realize that BTS is reaching their position through gradual growth and keeping their targets realistic,” concluded another.


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