Huening Bahiyyih Kep1er Continues To Receive Minimal Singing Quota, Take A Peek At His 10 Stand Out Portraits

Huening Bahiyyih Once Again Got A Small Portion Of Singing In Kep1er Songs. Moreover, The Duration Is Quite Far From The Second Member Who Has A Minimum Part In The Group.

Kep1er is known to announce a comeback in June. This, of course, was immediately warmly welcomed by Kep1ian (the name of a KEp1er fan). However, Kep1ian hopes that the comeback will be distributed more evenly for each member, especially for Huening Bahiyyih .

Huening Bahiyyih is known to only have 9.58 seconds of singing in Kep1er’s debut song “WA DA DA”. This is not comparable to the second member in kep1er who gets the least share . The reason is, the member who has 13.44 seconds in the song.

Fortunately, Huening Bahiyyih started to get more singing parts in new songs. Kep1er is known to have released the single “The Girls (Can’t Turn Me Down)” ahead of the finale of ” Queendom 2 “. Fans believe that he has around 25.6 seconds. That’s more than the average across the nine tracks recorded, which is roughly 11.29 seconds.

Meanwhile, Huening Bahiyyih is getting more and more attention from the public because he has a good and fun attitude . He is also increasingly confident because he has fans and other members who always support him. Come on, take a peek at the series of portraits that stand out below!

1. Skilled Dancer
The Leo zodiac idol deserves to be called a reliable dancer. The reason is, Huening Bahiyyih received praise when he performed a cover of Jeon Somi ‘s song “XOXO” . He performed the dance cover when he was a guest on ” Weekly Idol ” episode 547.

2. Completely Beautiful
The owner’s full name Bahiyyih Jaleh Huening has succeeded in making the public speechless with his plenary beauty. Huening Bahiyyih is known to have dyed her hair blonde when she debuted and is widely referred to as one of the iconic anime characters, Sailor Moon. What do you think?

3. Have Stable Vocals
Not only good at dancing, Huening Bahiyyih also has a fairly stable vocal. In an encore stage , he proved his golden voice when he accidentally started singing Seo Yong Eun ‘s singing ration . His small mistake actually earned Huening Bahiyyih the praise for singing well live .

4. Si Happy Virus
Huening Bahiyyih is a happy virus in Kep1er. Ezki Hikaru even laughed happily when he looked at Huening Bahiyyih. In a BTS photo shoot, Hikaru even called out Huening Bahiyyih’s name to pose for a happy pose.

5. Have A Relate Habit
This idol born in 2004 also has a habit of dealing with money , you know. The reason is, Huening Bahiyyih still has hand cream that is about to run out . In fact, he had to try his best to show the fragrance of the hand cream .

6. Favorite Youngest
Huening Bahiyyih is the youngest in his family. he has two older sisters, namely Lea Huening ex VIVA and Huening Kai TXT . His two brothers are known to have participated in the “Wa Da Da” Challenge as a form of support for Huening Bahiyyih’s debut.

7. Humble Celebrities
The “See the Light” singer also has a humble nature . One of Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon stylist shows a pack of brownies. Investigate a calibaration, the cake was reportedly a gift from Huening Bahiyyih while filming “Queendom 2″.

8. The Figure Of A Hard Worker
As the younger brother of a top male idol, expectations for Huening Bahiyyih are very high. This 17-year-old idol is also under pressure because of that. However, it actually makes Huening Bahiyyih as [u=]motivation[u[ to do better. Wow, what a hard worker!

9. Want To Debut As A Model
Huening Bahiyyih is known to have a slim body because his height is about 166 cm. When Kep1er appeared as the opening act at Seoul Fashion Week, he expressed his desire to debut as a model. The reason, he wants to be able to walk for a fashion show one day.

10. Idol Resistant
The idol of German descent seems to be a resilient figure. The reason is, Huening Bahiyyih understands if he becomes about controversy and negativity during ” Girls Planet 999 “. However, the uncle revealed that Bahiyyih did not dwell on sadness and continued to become a better person.

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