Classy Language, ADOR Clarification About NewJeans ‘Cookie’ Sensual Lyrics Exalted


ADOR Clarifies The Controversy Over The Lyrics Of NewJeans’ Debut Song, ‘Cookie’, Which Is Said To Have A Sensual Smell And Is Very Inappropriate For Minors To Receive Praise From Knetz.

Label ADOR is known to have given an official statement regarding the controversy over the lyrics of NewJeans ‘ debut song , “Cookie”. NewJeans’ debut song is considered to have vulgar and sensual lyrics.

The controversy is getting wider because the five members of NewJeans are known to be minors. So, the official statement is certainly expected by fans to clear up misunderstandings.

ADOR ensures that the lyrics of “Cookie” do not relate to anything sensual or vulgar. “Cookie” really has lyrics that are plain and simple according to the mindset of a child without any connotations or other meanings behind it.

The agency led by Min Hee Jin said that the different meanings of “Cookie” were due to each individual. The individual then raised a problem that seemed to bring NewJeans down.

ADOR’s statement regarding the “Cookie” controversy immediately became a lively conversation of Knetz in the online community . They praised the classy words ADOR made to protect Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

Not a few also thank ADOR for this statement. Thus, it is certain that the “Cookie” controversy is very far from reality.

“They’re really very good with words, unless you’re a true artist, you won’t be able to become well-spoken… god-Heejin,” one Knetz exclaimed. “Really? Why are they deliberately using slang in the song… It seems that only weirdos are interested in this theory,” said another. “People who still insist on the fact that there’s no way they don’t know it, you just want to push your narrative to the end. How can they know every US slang used….,” another commented.


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