Charlie Puth Shares Interesting Stories About His Collaboration With Jungkook BTS, What’s It Like?


Charlie Puth Talked About Various Interesting Things About His Collaboration Single With Jungkook BTS Entitled ‘Left And Right’. Listen To His Speech Below.

On Friday (24/6), Charlie Puth released the music video for his new single, “Left and Right” feat. Jungkook BTS ( Bangtan Boys ). Because it involves two top musicians, the release of this song was greeted with great enthusiasm by fans from all over the world.

In his interview with Z100 New York, Charlie Puth revealed various interesting stories about his collaboration with Jungkook. At first, the radio host explained how talented all of the BTS members were, then he asked why Charlie Puth chose to collaborate with Jungkook.

In response to this question, Charlie Puth said, “He immediately comes to mind because, and by the way, I didn’t even know they were going on hiatus when I contacted him and asked if he wanted to be a part of (my new song).”

As many ARMY know, the history between Charlie Puth and BTS goes back a long way. They’ve had so much interaction over the years, that it’s possible to collaborate.

Charlie Puth explained, “But we have a musical history together. We had performed at award shows four years before. We always sent the music we love to each other, he would always talk about me in interviews and I would always talk about him in interviews. “

Of course, Charlie Puth talked about the moment he collaborated with Jungkook at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards. They even had some adorable interactions offstage with the other BTS members.

With all this history, it’s no surprise that Charlie Puth has finally released a collaboration song with Jungkook. “I like collaborations that are natural and real,” concluded Charlie Puth.

Meanwhile, the release of the MV “Left and Right” was delayed for an hour. The collaboration of these two talented musicians illustrates the confused feelings of someone who can’t seem to forget his memories with his ex.

In this song’s MV, Charlie Puth even consulted a psychiatrist to discuss his love illness. Unfortunately the visit only cost him his money.


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