[SEE] Goku becomes Power Ranger mixing two worlds of our childhood in an impressive design , Anime News


another interesting crossover of dragonball comes to us thanks to the talented artists among anime fans: if you ever imagined a clash of worlds between the work of Akira Toriyama and the power Rangersthis fanart will interest you a lot, because our dear Goku look better than you imagine as one of these warriors who fight to keep the peace in the world.

As a child, one easily lets his imagination run wild with his favorite cartoons, and in Mexico and Latin America, dragonball and power Rangers They were always at the forefront of the most talked about among the children’s audience of the 90s; both series were broadcast on open television, which facilitated their access to millions of children in multiple Spanish-speaking countries.

Dragon Ball x Knights of the Zodiac: this is how Goku looks with the Pegasus armor in a heartfelt tribute to both works from the eighties

Dragon Ball x Power Rangers: Saiyan Morphosis!

With that being said, what would Goku look like as a Power Ranger? Judge yourself when you see this fanart, which saves our imagination by show us the saiyan as the red rangercolor surely chosen for being the most suitable for the vigilante protagonist of dragonball who guides and inspires his peers.

Dragon Ball Goku Becomes Power Ranger Blending Two Worlds From Our Childhood Into One Stunning Design 2

With everything and sword!

With this design, now we want to see Vegeta as the green ranger, Gohan as the blue one, and more crazy ideas that make us remember the beautiful childhood that was lived during the 90s; a fanart with all the members of the team would be spectacular to see, don’t you think?

dragonball has already experimented with the vibe of the power RangersWell, as you surely remember, the Ginyu Special Forces were precisely a comic homage to this popular seriessomething that Akira Toriyama did not admit, but that is allowed to be seen without any discretion at all, not to mention the stage of a vigilante hero that Gohan had at the beginning of the Majin Buu saga.


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