This Artist Spent More Than 103 Hours On A God Of War Drawing Of Kratos And In The End Created A True Work Of Art


There is no doubt that artists leave us in awe with their enormous works dedicated to the video game industry, especially when they seek to take the great legends of gaming to a new level. gaming. And of course, with such a polished technique and using materials such as charcoal, few things can surpass our surprise… especially when we see the mighty Kratos come to life in a big way.

Nabeela The Artist has been commissioned by draw the protagonist of god of war in a job that has taken him just over 103 hours. Although anyone could invent that number, it was thanks to Reddit that they have a witness to the entire process… in fast motion so you don’t waste a lifetime admiring the creation.

Kratos Drawing 103 Hours

While for some it may be crazy to spend more than 100 hours on a drawing, for Nabeela it is the everyday’s breadbecause on his YouTube channel he shares other great works dedicated to characters from The Last of Us and red dead redemption 2, as well as various anime protagonists. You can take a look at his creations on his website.

God of War: Ragnarok, the last great success of the PS5

By the end of 2022, Kratos returned in style with the second part of his soft reboot and the apparent end of the Nordic saga. A success in sales and with specialized critics, in addition to being the strongest contender for GOTY 2022, only surpassed by an impeccable Elden Ring.


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