Phantom Blade Zero is presented as an exciting action RPG that shone at the PlayStation Showcase


Among the announcements we saw at the PlayStation Showcase, attention was drawn to Phantom Blade Zero, an action RPG with a frenetic combat system inspired by Chinese martial arts. The title that was reminiscent of games like NioH and Sekiro is produced by the Chinese studio S-Game.

A game that was born on mobile devices and never left China

Although Phantom Blade looks like something we’ve never seen before, it actually comes from a series that was born as Rainblood and eventually became Phantom Blade. In a post on the PlayStation blog, the head of the studio comments that the franchise has a base of more than 20 million users, although the games for smartphones never left China.

In the words of the studio head, Phantom Blade Zero is a “spiritual rebirth” of the series now in the game “that they always dreamed of doing.”

Among other details of the game, it is known that its ‘Kung-Fu Punk’ combat is inspired by movies like Everything Everywhere All at Once and John Wick: Chapter 4. You will be able to explore a “semi-open” world made up of large stages full of challenges .

We still do not have details of the game’s release date or if there are plans to bring it to other platforms, but for now it is announced that it will arrive at some point on PS5.


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