Goodbye torturing Kologs, the evil players of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom have their new victim


Being an extremely free game in which you can do almost anything you can think of thanks to its tools, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It has given the gaming community a lot to talk about.

When the Nintendo exclusive hit the stores, one of the first viral trends was torture Kologs instead of meeting them with their friends. It seems that this trend is already passing and the evil players of Tears of The Kingdom have chosen their new victim.

The loved and hated type of the signs

Kabalit –Addison in English– is an employee of Karud Construction, who is commissioned to put up promotional signs with his boss’s image all over Hyrule. When you find him, you have the mission of putting together a structure to support his sign, so that when he drops it, it will stay upright and have the opportunity to secure it before it falls again.

It seems that a lot of players are caring little for poor Kabalit’s work and aren’t even motivated by the rupees or food that the character offers as a reward for helping him. The new trend is to blow up your sign as far as possible or watch it suffer in the face of the dangers of the worldas well compiled by our colleagues 3D Games Spain.

Here are some of the funny videos.

Looks like the good old Kabalit is lightning proof, by the way:

What do you think of the presence of this character?

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