Unholy Adventure 3: Interesting Story Wrapped in Surreal Visuals


Unholy Adventure or Unholy Neighborhood from developer Dali Games is a simple game with a point and click mechanism . Gamers simply touch the screen on the target object, then click to get information, instructions, and actions so that the game flow can move forward. Quite simple and of course anyone can do it easily. But behind the simplicity, there is an interesting concept from the developer.

The name Dali Games as an indie developer is not as grand as a AAA class developer in the Android game application arena. Unholy Adventure is one of the titles, in addition to Lucid Dreams and Adventure Reborns, their creation. It’s only three games, but all three managed to steal the attention of the mobile gaming market , and Steam. One of the reasons comes from the game concept created by Dali Games. Every game they make always inserts philosophical values ​​from real life.

The name Dali itself seems to have been inspired by the great Spanish Surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. Surrealism is an idea that developed in the 1920s. Artists with surrealist ideas such as Dali, often provide an element of surprise in their work, combining various objects that look strange when put together. While carrying a philosophy of life that feels heavy. Just look at one of Dali’s greatest works, “The Persistence of Memory”, which shows the hands of a clock melting on a tree trunk.

The elements of surreal art are consistently used by Dali Games when creating games. In the 3rd Unholy Adventure, it can be seen how the symbols of life, such as love and lust, are combined with the image of technology around humans. So, even though at first they weren’t interested in trying this game, over time their curiosity arose. Until it doesn’t feel like level after level is passed in an instant.

And here’s a short game review in the style of Gizmology, for the new game Dali Games which was released on September 14, 2021. Come on maree !

User Interface/ Experiences

Dali Games is a specialist for point and click games. These mechanisms and concepts can be applied well to each of their concoction games, including Unholy Adventure 3. Namely through the ease of understanding the menu section, objectives, and symbols in the game. As on the home page, gamers can clearly choose to start the game from the beginning, choose an already unlocked level, or choose to continue from the last stop point. Straight to the heart of the game without a lot of gimmicks .

Continuing to design the in-game menu. Developers make the point and click mechanism so flowing at each level. Gamers easily know which objects are part of the mission. Or what to do when you have certain items, in relation to story progress. Even without the need to follow a tutorial, it feels like gamers can immediately understand the row of symbols in the game.

Visual Graphics

As already mentioned in the opening paragraph earlier. The surreal visual concept is the inspiration for Dali Games’ games, and Unholy Adventure is no exception. Two-dimensional graphics are definitely not ‘wow’. Even so, gamers will find a variety of interesting symbols of what can be found around us. For example, the symbol of the heart which is often equated with love. Or working robots that can be associated with modern “slavery”. Or any other meaning that we may not know.

As a game that also puts puzzles as part of the game. Developers are quite capable of displaying object details quite well. And indeed it must be done. If not, gamers will certainly find it difficult when they need a clue when they want to complete a certain mission.

Overall, the visual presentation in this game is able to build the required atmosphere. About a world that is absurd, chaotic but also has beauty in it. Encouraging a surreal visual presentation feels even more fitting to use, which is in line with such an atmosphere.

Gameplay Unholy Adventure 3

Unholy Adventure 3 still follows Peter Grim in search of his family members. If in the previous two series Peter lost his beloved wife, this time his missing daughter was kidnapped by a mysterious figure. The story goes straight to the core from the start of the game so it doesn’t leave a saturated space when playing it. Gamers are led to slowly unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of Peter’s son.

One by one the levels are passed by playing the same way. But not boring either. Why? One of them is due to the interesting storyline in it. This kind of gameplay is suitable for gamers who don’t want to focus too much on looking at their smartphone screen. Like watching fragments of drama scenes with different background settings .

The presentation of the puzzles at each level is also light and not too brain draining. Should difficulties occur, gamers can easily access instructions in the form of a pager on what to do to complete the mission.


The point and click game mechanics are so easy to use without taking too long to adapt. Especially if you’ve played the two previous series titles or other games with similar mechanics. Hints of accessible objects make the game even easier. Magnifying glass, palms, and exits are some of the visual clues in the game.

Games like this will feel right for gamers who are more concerned with the story approach than action. And vice versa, it is very boring for gamers who are used to acting through their fingers to access the smartphone’s touch screen .


Dali Games has indeed made the first series of Unholy Adventure free. Meanwhile, for the next two series, gamers have to spend Rp. 8,000 each. Maybe the first series was released to be an inducement. Because if gamers are curious about the continuation of the story in it, it is obligatory to continue the story of Peter’s adventures in his surreal world.

Then is the price worth it? In our opinion, quite appropriate. The concept of the story, gameplay, combined with the surreal visual presentation presented so interesting for us. So that the nominal feels worth paying. Moreover, this game can also be played offline and without ads, of course.


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