Mestalla activates its demons and unsettles Vinicius and Real Madrid



The Brazilian received insults from a fan who was expelled from the field by the Police. Later he saw the red one for assault on Hugo Duro. A goal by Diego López before the fire gave three points that are worth a save

Vinicius, supported by R
Vinicius, held by Rdiger in one of the most tense moments of the game.EFE
  • Straight This was the Valencia-Real Madrid

The demons were unleashed in Mestalla in minute 70 and unhinged Vinicius until you disfigure it. Of being the victim of the intolerable insults of a fan at the south end of the Mestalla stands, and of the shouts of Fool, you are a fool! from the stadium, to be expelled for direct red. There was no middle ground. There is none for the Brazilian, who reached the changing room tunnel challenging with gestures from Segunda. The fire of hell in Mestalla there was no one to put out and he did not believe Carlo Ancelotti that this is going to be suffocated from LaLiga. [Narracin y estadstica]

The spark was the appearance of two balls in the area. A direct free kick and Vinicius looking for the south end of Mestalla, pointing his finger at the stands. The Brazilian again in the eye the hurricane and the end of the soccer game. Everything that happened afterwards was something else.

The Real Madrid players surrounded his teammate, also Gay trying to get him out of there. The Police evicted the one who offended Vinicius in a way that the fast winger saw as intolerable that led him to think if he left the field. Burgos Bengoetxea, who was following the play from afar, warned the delegate to stop the game if there was one more sign of racism while Ancelotti tried to calm his player down and reminded him that they could stop the game if he wanted. He preferred to continue, but he was already deranged.

Real Madrid tried to equalize Diego López’s goal in the 33rd minute that gave Valencia half a save. Valverde tested Mamardashvili from point blank range and then Kross in a free kick that sent the Georgian goalie flying. It was then that the second battle came and in the melee, the VAR caught Vinicius hitting Hugo Duro in the face. The referee showed him the red card without hesitation.

The Brazilian faced the changing room tunnel facing the stands, reminding them that he wants them in Second Division, which incited the rival bench and the stands. And then football was not even remembered. Real Madrid tried to fish in the confusion and Valencia did not give in.

For the Mestalla club it was now or never. Nobody dared to dream of getting the three points, but they muttered under their breath that need sharpens ingenuity, that perhaps the game came at a good time against a disconnected Real Madrid in which Ancelotti threw an eleven onto the grass with a lot of footballer in need re vindicate

Valencia was not going to wrinkle and looked for Courtois everything he could, which wasn’t much. A shot from Almeida into the hands of the Belgian and some jumbled play without clarity. Little to hurt the white team, which was not activated either. He pushed Baraja’s team to play in the 33 meters that separate the midfield line from the front line of his area but he could not sink his teeth into it. Neither Tchouameni prevailed over Nico and Javi Guerra, nor did Ceballos find the cracks in a patched up defense, nor did Camavinga, no matter how many tried, find Asensio or Vinicius ahead, as deranged as they had disappeared throughout the first half. And Benzema barely stepped on an area with danger.

Valencia defended without there being any danger for Mamardashvili, who only had to save a free kick from Benzema. Real Madrid was waiting so long for the game to mature that the score was against. The two kids who are giving Baraja oxygen made it. The fight Javi Guerra leaned on Gay, who looked for Kluivert to put a cross that bounced at the far post Diego Lopez. The reinforcements that Lim did not want to concede in January have been desperately found by the coach in the subsidiary. Once again hunger triumphs.

Not even the goal activated Real Madrid, who had a meek header from Vinicius. The Italian coach tried to fix it by using Rodrigo, Modric, Kross, Valverde, but when they wanted, the reaction was already eclipsed by a fire that was impossible to stop. Football disappeared, although the three points remained in Valencia, which is close to salvation.

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