Mateu Alemany backtracks and decides to stay at Barça: "It’s a last minute personal decision."



The Barcelona football director, 15 days after transmitting his decision to terminate his contract, rethinks his position, refuses to go to Aston Villa and share a structure with Deco

Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany.
Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany.nurphoto

mateu alemanyBarcelona’s soccer director, has decided to back off in order to continue forming part of the Barça sports structure 15 days after the club announced that it would terminate its contract on June 30.

Both from the Barcelona entity and from the executive’s environment confirm the change of position of Alemany, who had one more year left in his current position and who has decided to ignore the proposal made by Aston Villa de Unai Emery. “She has been a personal decision at the last minute. Or in extension,” maintain sources familiar with the process.

Aston Villa intended to announce the arrival of Mateu Alemany in Birmingham a week after the announcement of his departure from Barcelona was made public. The executive, in fact, met with the leadership of the English club, from where they even detected feeling Between the parts. Alemany’s change of position has taken Aston Villa by “surprise”, despite the fact that he never signed any contract.

Barcelona, ​​which this Monday had to communicate the departure of the sports director, Jordi Cruyffwho, unlike Alemany, concluded his contract this summer, will thus reformulate a sports area in which the former footballer and now agent will join decorationwhom Alejandro Echevarra, Laporta’s brother-in-law and close to the Brazilian, has been advising.

Meeting with Deco and Echevarra

This same morning, Mateu Alemany met with Joan Laporta at the Camp Nou offices. There he conveyed his intention to remain at the club to the president, with whom he has always maintained an excellent relationship despite the difficulties that the executive has encountered in recent times, with a growing role for various representatives and advisors. Alemany, in fact, did nothing more than pick up Laporta’s glove, who had already told him that the club’s doors would remain open for him. Later, Alemany returned to the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper to meet with Deco and Echevarra.

Although Alemany had received a proposal in which Aston Villa was willing to give him full powers in sports management, the executive has ended up prioritizing his work in Barcelona. In fact, before communicating his departure -already interrupted-, he had already promised Laporta to help close the operations of the current summer market.

At the expense of Barcelona finishing ordering its new structure, also waiting for Deco to leave his responsibilities in his representation agency (with raphinha as the main client), Alemany will simply continue with the same conditions established in your contract.

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