Manchester City destroys the star of Real Madrid and will play the Champions League final

Manchester City – Real Madrid (4-0)


Two goals from Silva, another from Militao’s own and a final from Julin sent Ancelotti’s men to the canvas, much inferior in Manchester.

Ancelotti: “Nobody doubts me”

The death of the star is the final act. It sheds its outer layers, compresses into a white dwarf, cools, becomes nearly invisible, tries to draw fuel with its last breath of life, and culminates in the process with a cosmic explosion: a supernova. In it manchester etihadhe Real Madrid by Luka Modricof Karim Benzema and of Toni Kroosthe Real Madrid of the five European Cups In eight seasons, the historical Real Madrid, the Real Madrid of the future of Vinicius, Rodrygo, Camavinga and Valverdesaid goodbye to the Champions League in a explosion rarely seen in its recent history. I threw a City top, launched by Bernardo Silva and guided by guardiola and for the hunger to raise his first continental crown in istanbul before him Inter. (4-0).

Madrid, this Madrid that won a Champions League in full reconstruction of his squad, in the middle of the baton passing of the spine of the last decade to the young people who should lead the club for the next ten years, confirmed their greatest fears in England. There was no miracle, because miracles are miracles because they only happen once (or a season), and fell defeated before the big monster of petrodollars come from the East

It was a one way fight. punch after punch. ancelotti I repeated the eleven of the first leg changing to Militated by Rdiger and the whites shrunk towards Courtois’ nets too soon, as if assuming the impetus of a City that went out to eat up the whole of Europe. Haaland he had his first in the 6th minute. He accelerated to a space, avoided Courtois and reached the end line, but his back pass found no one. On the next play, Rodri cross too much before the Belgian. City was already there and Madrid had not even landed at the Etihad.

Courtois he dressed as a hero, in a story similar to the last Real Madrid Champions League. First the goalkeeper’s hands, then Madrid’s goals. But Superman can’t do everything. Avoided two goals from Haaland like someone who hears the rain, first in the 12th, becoming big in a point-blank shot, and then in the 20th, stretching out his arm like chewing gum to the despair of the Norwegian.

While Vinicius He asked his teammates to advance meters, the first goal came. Camavinga jumped in to put pressure on debruyne and neither Kroos nor Modric marked Bernardo Silva, released at the peak of the area. The Portuguese entered the vicinity of Courtois and beat him with a shot at the near post.

Benzema led a group in the center of the field to wake up his own, and Madrid stretched. Vinicius and Rodrygo searched more for the back of the central defenders and Kroos was able to equalize with a shot against the crossbar. He was the best threat of madridista illusion. Two minutes later, in minute 36, Silva made the second by taking advantage of a rebound after a play between Grealish and Gndogan. Again, Madrid’s midfield seemed absent.

After the break, the whites came out better. City gave away the ball for a few minutes and Madrid breathed and grew. Alaba was able to close the gap from a direct free kick, but Ederson stuck out a colossal hand to avoid fright. The tension took over from the crash. The English, aware of what they had experienced last year, took a step back and hoped to kill the contras, while Madrid found it impossible to recover.

the final attempt

In 1960, Ancelotti bet everything on energy. He removed Modric and gave entry to Rdiger to send Camavinga to the center of the field. The whites grew again on Vinicius, but they missed the best version of their attackespecially that of a Benzema absent. The Frenchman lost several balls that caused City’s counters and Madrid paid for it, more in sensations, in not knowing that it was possible to work the miracle, than in the result.

The duel turned a little runner and Ancelotti sought the madness of great occasions. I felt Kroos, I included Asensio and he died with everything he had in attack. But tonight was citizen. So it was written. Haaland could completely kill Madrid, but Courtois stretched to send his definition to the crossbar. The whites caressed the canvas and found it in 1976, when Militao sent his own goalkeeper a cross from De Bruyne. Was the final disgrace of a historical team. The definitive explosion of the star of this Madrid and the enormous brilliance that Guardiola needed for his legacy: a victory ace against Madrid. In the 90, Julian lvarez put the roommore painful than decisive.

Madrid has the consolation that when a star dies, another can be born. That is his story.

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