Espanyol contests its match against Atlético and claims its annulment due to Griezmann’s ‘ghost goal’


The blue and white club understands that “it is impossible to determine” if the ball enters with the image used by the VAR to award the 0-2 scoreline for the rojiblancos. LaLiga does not have an automatic goal detection system

Image shown by VAR to award Griezmann 0-2.
Image shown by VAR to award Griezmann 0-2.
  • Chronic Espanyol resists the sentence (3-3)

LaLiga is piled up with entanglements. Espanyol has decided to challenge the match against Atlético played on Wednesday night at Cornell and which ended in a draw (3-3) on understanding that the VAR conceded a goal to the rojiblancos (0-2 in griezmann) without the image used being conclusive to determine if the ball crossed the goal line.

The Spanish competition does not have an automatic goal detection system, the implementation of which costs about four million euros (adding the First and Second divisions). For this reason, it uses the images available in the VOR room.

Espanyol, third from last in the standings and three points from salvation with two days to go, considers “their rights violated” when they understand the existence of a “grossly negligent” action by the refereeing team, and specifically by the VAR referees. “, and asks the Competition Committee for the “nullity” of the match, in addition to threatening legal action for the “possible derived patrimonial damage”. Mario Melero Lopez, the main referee of the match, did not concede a goal in the first instance. From the VAR, José Luis González González He invited the referee to correct his first perception.

Espanyol takes refuge in what happened this week with Viniciuswho the Competition Committee withdrew the red card shown for assaulting Hugo Hard in the duel against Valencia, marked by racist insults to the Real Madrid footballer, and the accelerated process of contrition. “We believe that a precedent has been established that sets a new paradigm in the administration of sports justice in Spanish football, as the Competition Committee intervenes in decisions previously arbitrated on the field and in the VAR (…). Said Committee He understood that in an action of that match the use of the technology and the images available by the VAR referees “was totally partial, biased and determinant of the referee’s error in the assessment of what happened. ” Derived from all of the above, the withdrawal of a red card shown to a player was decided”.

The ‘spider cam’

After Espanyol reached the tie after equalizing Atlético with a three-goal deficit, the blue and white club asked the Technical Committee of referees for the image or sequence in which it would be clearly appreciated that the ball had crossed the goal line at 0 -2 from Griezmann. Carlos Clos Gomez, responsible for the VAR project in Spain, did not provide it, relying on a regulation that prevents it from being provided. But, according to Espanyol, [Clos Gmez] “confirmed that the image used to annul the referee’s decision and validate Atlético’s second goal was the one shown in the television production, the one coming from what is known as spider cam.

Espanyol understands that with said image, the same one that the viewers saw, “it is impossible to determine if the ball enters or not in its entirety.” In fact, the blue and white club maintains that, according to its own and “third-party” analyses, the ball “does not cross the entire goal line at any time.” This leads to the fact that the club chaired by the toy businessman chen yansheng states that the VAR protocol has been breached for “correcting an arbitration decision without having a single conclusive evidence”, thus producing “an adulteration of the match”.

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