Choi Dong-yeol set a new Korean record in the men’s 100m breaststroke


Choi Dong-yeol won the men’s 100m breaststroke final on the third day of the Jeju Halla Cup National Swimming Championships held at the Jeju Sports Complex indoor pool on the 16th by hitting the touchpad in 59.63 seconds.

This is a record 0.02 seconds faster than the previous Korean record (59 seconds 65) set by Jo Seong-jae (Goyang City Hall) in May 2021.

The record set by Choi Dong-yeol today is just 0.01 seconds away from Watanabe Yifei (59.62 seconds), the winner of the men’s 100m breaststroke in the Japan national team selection event, foreshadows a fierce confrontation at the 2019 Asian Games in Hangzhou. September this year.

In November 2021, Choi Dong-yeol, who set a new Korean record in the Men’s Hallabae 50m Breaststroke with 27 seconds 09, became the Korean record holder in both events.

Choi Dong-yeol expressed his satisfaction, saying, “With this opportunity, I can prepare more enthusiastically for the upcoming World Aquatics Championships and the Asian Games.”

Choi Dong-yeol, who won both the men’s 50m and 100m breaststroke at the KB Financial Korea Swimming Championships last March, will participate in the Fukuoka World Swimming Championships and the Hangzhou Asian Games as Korea’s representative in the future according to results from the federation. Performance Improvement Committee.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-min (Gangwon Provincial Office), who emerged as the hope of middle distance management in Korea, and Hwang Seon-woo (Gangwon Provincial Office) took first place in the 100m 100m freestyle with a time of 49.80 seconds. ) did not participate.

Kim Woo-min, who passed the first 50m section in 24.06 seconds, ran the remaining 50m section in 25.74 seconds.

After the match, Kim Woo-min told his agency, All That Sports, “As a long distance runner, I found it difficult because it is different from the sprint event, but I did my best to race, and I am proud that I recorded 49 seconds in the freestyle. 100m.”

“I think it will be very helpful for swimming to experience other sports besides the main event. In this competition, I will be able to challenge for a better record by making up for the deficiencies I experience when running short distances,” he said.

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