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Release Date : October 28, 2022 Rating : 2.5/5
Starring: Ali, Mouryani, Naresh, Pavithra Lokesh, Manju Bhargavi, Manu, Tanikela Bharani, L B Sriram & others.
Director: Kiran SriPuram
Producers: Alibaba, Konathala Mohan & Sri Charan
Music Director : Rakesh Pazhedam, Bhaskar Patla
Cinematography : Mohan Reddy
Editor : Selva Kumar
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Comedian Ali has turned producer for a film called Andaru Bagundali Andulo Nenundali. The film directed by Sripuram Kiran is now streaming on AHA and let’s see how it is.
Srinivasa Rao (Naresh) is a simple middle-class man who cannot speak. He leads a simple life with his kids and is all set to get a government job. On the other hand, Sameer (Ali) is a Saudi return who is mad about social media. Whatever he sees, Sameer posts it on social media. One fine day, he sees Srinivasa Rao sleeping on a local train in a funny manner. He takes his snap and posts it on social media. The picture goes viral, and Srinivasa Rao become a laughingstock. He loses his job and also respect in the society. Upset with this, he files a case and cops start searching for Sameer. Will the cops nab Sameer and teach him a lesson? That forms the story.
Plus Points:
Andaru Bagundali Andulo Nenundali is the official remake of the Malayalam film Vikruthi. Naresh and Ali play central characters in the film. The makers have nicely set up the story in Hyderabad and the casting is also good.
Naresh is very good as the mute man who lands in all sorts of troubles. The manner in which he showcases pain after his pictures goes viral in the social media was good to see. He gets a good role and delivers what is expected of him.
Ali plays the main hero after a long time and was good. His comedy timing is also neat, and he got to play a character where he gets scared a lot in the film and Ali showcases in a good way. The second half and the last half an hour of the film was impressive. The conflict point of how social media can be dangerous and can spoil lives has been showcased well.
Minus Points:
The film takes forever to enter into the main plot. The life stories of the two characters are shown way too much in detail. There was absolutely no need of songs in this film, but Ali gets to romance a heroine and has a few romantic scenes which look odd and obstruct the flow of the film.
Also, the conflict points and the manner in which it is unleashed is also not that impactful. In the original, the nativity factor and earthy character create a solid impact. But that does not happen here. The director decides to keep things light and that is the reason, the supporting cast is not that great and fails to bring depth in the film.
One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the length. Having a simple and keeping the length for two hours twenty-two minutes is no fun. There are so many silly comedy scenes that bore the audience.
Technical Aspects:
Music of the film is decent and so was the BGM. The production design and the camerawork showcasing the two different lifestyles was neat. The dialogues were good, but the editing was below par. The screenplay is dull and did not create much impact.
Coming to the director Kiran, he has done just an okay job with the film. The seriousness in the film is missing. What kind of emotions go through when someone’s world changes upside down can be shown in an even emotional manner. But that does not happen, and the film is narrated on a simple light. Kiran takes so much time to establish the characters and because of this, the key drama that needs to be highlighted is not that impactful. Had he made the film in two hours runtime, things would have been good.
On the other hand, Andaru Bagundali Andulo Nenundali has a very interesting backdrop and deals with the side effects of social media. Naresh and Ali do well in their roles but the lack of depth in emotions and dragged scenes dilute the impact of the film. If you could sit through the very dull first half, the film is ended well. Give it a shot only if you nothing else to do. Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team
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