Zoe Saldana Recently Revealed That She Was Once Advised To Use A Stage Name When She Was In The Early Days Of Her Career By The Manager.


Not a few top celebrities have decided to have a different stage name from their birth name. But it seems that Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana has her own views regarding stage names.

Recently he revealed that he was once advised to use a stage name when he was in the early days of his career. The actress, who starred in ” The Adam Project ,” told Entertainment Weekly that early in her career, around the time she was involved in the ballet film ” Center Stage ” in 2000, she was told it would be profitable for her career if she changed her name.

However, Saldana feels more confident if she uses her real name. According to him, it will make him more into himself.

“When I was working on Center Stage, I remember my management was discouraged from using my name,” said Saldana. “But their intentions have never stopped me from being who I am. They respect who I am.”

Furthermore, he stated that the manager was a former singer. He had changed his name when he was a teenager, which was a common thing for people to do.

“But my manager at the time was a former singer and ballroom player, and he also changed his name when he was a teenager in the ’60s.” “And he said that’s what everyone does.”

However, he was sure that his manager meant well to suggest that. “Now this could be bad advice but he did the best he wanted for me and I still know I like my name.”

Saldana’s confidence was also proven. Although without changing his name, he has managed to star in a number of films and become famous as he is today. He starred in some of the biggest film franchises out there, including ” Star Trek “, ” Avatar “, and ” Guardians of the Galaxy “. He told Screen Rant that if he could turn back time, he would advise his younger self not to be so nervous about starting his career.


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