Too Poetic, Kim Tae Ri’s Old Speech Managed To Steal The Attention Of Netizens


Recently, Netizens’ Attention Was Focused On One Of The Old Speeches Delivered By The Beautiful Actress Kim Tae Ri. Check Out His Full Speech In The News Below.

Along with Kim Tae Ri ‘s popularity in the drama ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One “, fans began to explore various activities in the past. While doing so, they discover an old speech he delivered at his manager’s wedding.

The speech went viral again after being posted by netizens on Twitter and the theqoo online community . The post contains the full text of the congratulatory speech that Kim Tae Ri read at the wedding of J Wide Company Vice President Kim Sang Hee, who is his manager, in December 2017.

At that time, Kim Tae Ri delivered a congratulatory speech live in the wedding hall. This is a form of loyalty to the manager who has been with him even before he debuted through the film ” The Handmaiden “.

What caught the attention of netizens in the speech was its very poetic content. This certainly shows that Kim Tae Ri has extraordinary writing skills.

The speech began with, “There was a thousand years before this, and a thousand years after this. When the past and the future met, we were at the center of the present eternity. I imagined a slightly wider world. Many stars in the sky. Invisible space. who is in darkness. In that infinite universe, I think of you and our meeting.”

He continued, “In life, you can only live once. I chose you and you chose me. The universe is expanding again. We live by swimming by chance. Among so many coincidences. After thousands of choices, I met you. I am amazed by coincidences. At the moment.”

“I hope we can continue to support each other’s life. And enjoy. If you can’t sleep well, I hope you can sleep well without dreams. With a small but loving heart. I hope you will live happily. I really hope that ,” he concluded.

After being revealed, this speech immediately stole the attention of South Korean netizens. Many of them gave high praise to Kim Tae Ri’s writing skills.

“A congratulatory speech sweeter than a love letter,” said one netizen. “Every sentence is very beautiful,” added another netizen. “Wow, that’s awesome,” added another. “Ah, why am I crying? This is so beautiful,” said another. “How can someone be that elegant?” concluded the other netizens.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri is in the spotlight thanks to his role as Na Hee Do in tvN’s weekend drama ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One “. He received a lot of praise for continuing to show impressive acting in every episode.


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