Sehun EXO Is Increasingly Showing His Acting Skills Through The Latest Film Project ‘The Pirates 2’. In Addition To His Handsome Face And Great Acting, His Chemistry With Chae Soo Bin Also Stole Attention


Recently, Sehun EXO was in the spotlight because he returned to his acting project not long after he finished starring in ” Now, We Are Breaking Up “. The 1994-born idol again showed his acting skills in ” The Pirates 2 ” or ” The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure ” along with a number of veteran actors such as Han Hyo Joo , Kang Ha Neul , and others.

“The Pirates 2” itself tells the story of a group of pirates who sailed the ocean in search of the treasure left by the Goryeo royal family that disappeared without a trace. It is Hae Rang (Han Hyo Joo) as a pirate captain and ship owner who works closely with former bandit gang leader Wu Mu Chi (Kang Ha Neul). Hae Rang’s group must face off against rival Bu Heung Su ( Kwon Sang Woo ) in search of treasure.

In Indonesia, “The Pirates 2” received an overwhelming response by being at the top of the most popular film category on Netflix since its release on March 3. Thus, the film has already defended its throne for six consecutive days.

In addition to the hilarious acting of the players such as Lee Kwang Soo who is attached to a comedic image, Sehun’s charm has successfully captivated the hearts of viewers. In “The Pirates 2”, Sehun plays the calm, reliable and charismatic Han Goong. His action in fighting using arrows to protect Hae Rang and his group further adds to his appeal.

Recently, Netflix Indonesia shared a photo of Sehun’s footage on “The Pirates 2” with the caption, “‘I really like the story The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure!’ The story in question: (Sehun’s photo).” No doubt the tweet got hot reactions from fans who had watched this film.

Not only was it made to squirm by his handsome looks and excellent acting, viewers also melted because of his chemistry with Chae Soo Bin who played Hae Geum. No doubt, fans shared photos of Sehun with Chae Soo Bin from the film that stole their focus.

They highlight Han Goong’s attitude of over-selling to Hae Geum even though in the end they share a hug that makes viewers’ hearts flutter. Fans also praised the way Han Goong took care of everyone, especially Hae Geum.

“Seiprit appears, adequate dialogue, but every time it appears demejjjjnya,” commented a viewer. “I pretend to be indifferent but still has a taste, it’s funny, it’s recommended for those who like humor,” said another viewer. “Shut up, act of service, shut up, act of service,… the first time you speak, it makes people scream,” added another.


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