Nam Joo Hyuk-Kim Tae Ri Holds Tears After Filming The Kiss Scene ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’, Why?

Nam Joo Hyuk And Kim Tae Ri Were Seen Holding Back Their Tears When They Saw The Results Of Filming The Kiss Scene In ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ Before Deciding To Have A Romantic Relationship.

Today, Tuesday (29/3) tvN finally shared behind-the-scenes moments from the making of a new episode of the drama ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One “. The thing that fans look forward to the most is of course the moment Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri kiss.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri were seen trying to be calm and joking to cover up the nervousness of their scene. Nam Joo Hyuk then did something funny when he studied his scene with Kim Tae Ri.

In the drama, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri’s kiss scene shows a beautiful and touching atmosphere. The reason is, the two of them just cried before finally deciding to officially date.

In behind-the-scenes moments, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri also looked sad on set. After taking the first kiss scene, the two of them still seemed to be trying to hold back tears when they saw the results of their scene on the monitor.

The two main actors of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” seemed to be trying to keep their moods down, considering that the shooting of the scene had not yet been completed. In the behind-the-scenes moment, the kiss scene is seen to be done 2 times with different angles .

The scene is then replayed for better results. Kim Tae Ri was the only one paying attention to the monitor after the second scene. Nam Joo Hyuk looks busy alone behind Kim Tae Ri as if overcoming nervousness.

Kim Tae Ri mentioned that the romantic scene with Nam Joo Hyuk seems to have gotten good results. Then he burst out laughing.

Meanwhile, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” itself will air its last episode this week. This drama will be replaced with ” Our Blues ” starring Lee Byung Hun , Shin Min A , Kim Woo Bin , to Han Ji Min .

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