It’s Been 40 Years, Super Junior Members Debate About Leeteuk, It’s Appropriate To Be Called Oppa Or Ahjussi


Oppa Itself Literally Means ‘Older Brother’, Is A Korean Term Used By Women To Refer To Older Men Who Are Still Considered Below ‘Middle Age’.

On March 15th, Super Junior members Leeteuk , Shindong , Eunhyuk , Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon appeared as guests on the SBS variety program “Dolsing Fourmen”. On this occasion, the members greeted the four cast members of “Dolsing Fourmen”, Kim Jun Ho , Lee Sang Min , Tak Jae Hoon and [c=Lim Won Hee.

Lee Sang Min then looked at Leeteuk and said, “So Heechul is now forty, does that mean you are also forty, Teuk?” and Leeteuk replied, “Yes, we are the same age.” Lee Sang Min then quickly commented, “You’re finally an ‘ahjusshi’ now.” However, Leeteuk disagreed with this and said, “No, I’m still an ‘oppa’. I want to draw a line between the hyungs and us. There is ‘ahjusshi’, here (Super Junior) is ‘oppa’.”

Oppa itself literally means “older brother”, is a Korean term used by women to refer to older men who are still considered below “middle age”. “Ahjusshi” is a Korean term used to refer to men over “middle-aged”, usually men married with children.

The remaining Super Junior members later revealed that Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon were 37 years old, while Shindong was 38 years old. The cast member of “Dolsing” said, “(Leeteuk) is in his forties now. Kim Jun Ho is also in his forties. You are an ‘ahjusshi’ now.” Leeteuk, looking unsure, asked, “Are you an ‘ahjusshi’ no matter what if you are in your forties? Isn’t there some kind of exam?”

The people then asked Leeteuk a series of “test” questions to determine whether he was an “ahjusshi” or an “oppa”. First, Kim Jun Ho asked, “When you yawn, do you make a sound?” and “When you talk to yourself, do you sing or hum a melody?” Shindong pointed at Leeteuk and exclaimed, “He always sings when he talks to himself!” Leeteuk, confused, denied, “I usually sing to my dog.”

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The Tiger Claw Scene To The ‘Torture’ Scene In ‘A Business Proposal’ Called Imitating Another Drama

The Drama, Starring Ahn Hyo Seop And Kim Sejeong, Has Become A Hot Topic On Film Forums Because Of Its Funny Situation, Natural Acting Of The Cast, And The Interesting Trend Of “Ancestral Birds”.

The drama “A Business Proposal” is currently in the spotlight because of its interesting storyline. The drama, starring Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong , has become a hot topic on film forums because of its funny situation, natural acting of the cast, and the interesting trend of “ancestral birds”.

However, the fact that this drama has some details that are similar to others, especially when some details have become the “brand” of a work, will certainly make viewers question its originality. One of them is Shin Ha Ri’s claw-raising gesture which is said to be similar to the gesture used by the female lead Lim Joo Kyung ( Moon Ga Young ) of “True Beauty” to tease Han Seo Joon ( Hwang In Yeop ) after finding out that she was wearing patterned pants. leopard at home.

Then there is the scene where CEO Kang “torments” Ha Ri when she discovers her true identity. Even though he knows that there is no point in making things difficult for Ha Ri, Kang Tae Moo is determined to tease him and ease his anger by forcing him to constantly change identities between Shin Geum Hui and Shin Ha Ri. This situation reminds viewers of several segments in the drama “Arsenal Military Academy”.

In addition, there is also a scene from a supporting couple for the drama and the phrase “Don’t cross the line” between secretary Cha Sung Hoon ( Kim Min Gyu ) who doesn’t want to be close to Jin Young Seo ( Seol In Ah ) because of CEO Kang. One day when his Kang Tae Moo comes to his house and coincidentally Young Seo and Ha Ri are also outside the door. In order to prevent the two of them from facing each other, Sung Hoon loudly told Ms. Jin for not crossing the line with him, making him feel angry. Then, when they happen to run into each other at a restaurant, Jin Young Seo uses this statement from secretary Cha to tease her out of anger by setting boundaries and firmly preventing her from crossing the line on the table where two people are sitting.

Although not exactly the same, this situation is similar to the story of the supporting couple in “Let’s Eat 3” where there is a scene where Lee Seo Yeon (Lee Joo Woo) and Sun Woo Sun (Ahn Woo Yeon) have to live in the same house. Upset with Lee Seo Yeon’s personality, Sun Woo Sun forbids her not to cross the line with him. What’s special is that in this man’s name, there are two “limit” words, so every time Woo Sun says this sentence, Seo Yeon finds this man funny. Both Lee Seo Yeon and Sun Woo Sun use the definition of the word “boundary” to provoke others and create funny situations.

Whereas even though the drama was not as popular as the previous part due to many factors, the supporting couple of “Let’s Eat 3”, Lee Seo Yeon – Sun Woo Sun, was very popular and the small segment of the pair received quite a lot of views compared to the previous one.


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