In A Recent Interview, Levy Talked About Being Unsure Whether To Pursue Acting Or Directing Films When She First Moved To Los Angeles.


” The Adam Project ” director Shawn Levy recently spoke about someone who inspired him to direct the film. The person came from the Hollywood stage and was not a foreign name to fans’ ears.

In a recent interview with WSJ to promote “The Adam Project”, Levy talked about being unsure whether to pursue acting or directing films when she first moved to Los Angeles decades ago. Previously, he landed a newcomer role in ” 21 Jump Street ” (1987-1991), where he met Johnny Depp who was the main character.

Before their first scene, Levy greets Depp “Hi Mr. Depp. My name is Shawn Levy. I’m so happy to be here,” to which Depp replies, “Welcome to the puppet show. You like dancing, dolls? Because that’s what you do to make a living now.”

This made Levy think, “Maybe I want to direct the film and be in control.”

Depp’s comments are in line with his eccentric and famous career as Tom Hanson from “21 Jump Street”. Rebelling against his image of a pretty boy, Depp famously told the director of “21 Jump Street” that he wanted to be fired so he could continue in jobs he loved more, such as ” Edward Scissorhands ” (1990) and ” Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. ” (1998).

Similarly, Levy’s decision to focus on directing has resulted in an enthusiastic project in “The Adam Project”, which was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classics such as ” ET the Extra-Terrestrial ” (1982) and ” Back to the Future ” (1985). .

Levy started his career in Hollywood as an actor in the late 80s before becoming a full-fledged film director in the late 20th century. As a director and producer, his filmography includes the franchises ” Night at the Museum “, ” Real Steel ” (2011), and ” Arrival ” (2016). After working on the final project, Levy has started moving toward science fiction with ” Free Guy ” and “The Adam Project,” which premiered on Netflix this week.


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