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Masooda is the latest horror thriller movie from a young team, which was released in theatres today. The film made a decent impression with the teaser and trailer and looked promising. The elements of terror and thrills looked very exciting. Masooda carries similar excitement in the audience today after the release of the film. Here are the highlights of the film discussed in detail in this review of Masooda.
Cast – Sangitha, Thiruveer, Kavya Kalyanram, and others
Writer and Director – Sai Kiran
Production Company – Swadharm Entertainment
Music Director – Prashanth R Vihari
Sangitha (Neelam) and Thiruveer (Gopi) are neighbors in an apartment. Neelam’s daughter, Nazia, gets haunted and possessed by some evil spirit and behaves so weirdly during the nights. Neelam and Gopi notice this and take different paths to save her. Finally, they approach a Baba, and then they learn about Masoodabi, who possessed Nazia. How Masoodabi and Nazia are related to each other and how Nazia will be saved is the rest of the narrative of the film Masooda.
All the main cast members of Masooda perfectly fit their respective roles. Their performances are decent and serve the right purpose for the characters. Here, a special mention goes to the actors Sangitha, Thiruveer, and Kavya Kalyanram.
It is good to see Subhalekha Sudhakar in a crucial role in the film.
Sai Kiran showed good filmmaking skills despite the film being his debut. The story of Masooda is simple within the boundaries of the horror genre, but it is the execution by the director that makes it special in the genre. There are numerous thrills, horror moments, screams, and blood flows in the film. Also, the connection between the past of Masoodabi and the present of Nazia is well justified. Overall, Sai Kiran’s debut is a success.
All other departments are good at their technical contributions. Here, the music director, Prashanth R Vihari, and the sound design team deserve a lot of applause for their immense efforts in providing thrills throughout the film.
Rahul Yadav Nakka, the producer of the film, deserves a lot of credit for stepping up to encourage the young team. Also, Dil Raju should be equally credited for releasing Masooda and bringing that additional attention to the film.
Masooda is one such film that sticks to its genre truthfully and provides wholesome terror and thrills throughout the runtime. The backdrop and execution are great in the output from the debut director, Sai Kiran.

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