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The end of Rebirth?Will the brand new map replace © Activision Blizzard

Rebirth Island has been a large part of Call of Duty’s warfare royal services, in Blackout in addition to Warzone. In Warzone, Rebirth Island became introduced in December 2020 and considering the fact that then it has remained essentially unchanged. Nowadays, the majority of CoD gamers sincerely decide on Rebirth to Caldera, but it looks like that is about to change.

A new Warzone map is making its way into the game with the release of Season four, and it will be the new, mid-size, resurgence map.

[Update June 13]

We simply acquired an legitimate overview of the new map:Here’s the new map! is basically break up into three sections: Town, Keep and Winery. To be honest, the map looks as if a campers moist dream. As quickly because the circle pulls toward Town, you just understand, that there will be a ton of rats just chillin’ in one of those homes, with their claymores at hand. And who the hell is going to Land at Camp or Bay, those 2 POIs look honestly trashy. Does this map excite you?

  • Modern Warfare 2 Beta looks a lot larger than expected…Can this map update Caldera instead © JGOD Most Call of Duty players might be acquainted with JGOD. After the new map Fortune’s Keep become discovered, it looked loads bigger than we anticipated, so JGOD spent the day measuring the new map. After a few failed attempts, because of the size on the bottom right most effective being cosmetic, that is what he got here up with. And we’ve to say, we are apprehensive. Fortune’s Keep is set double or 2.5x the dimensions of Rebirth Island. Which approach we are able to both lose some of the fast-paced movement we are used to, or we need to desire Activision will increase the player length to about 60 gamers or so. Let’s be honest, this map ought to simply replace Caldera, and that they should keep Rebirth. [Original Article]

    Will Rebirth Island Be Replaced By Fortune’s Keep? The sincere answer: We don’t know. The much more likely answer: Yes, it’s going to replace Rebirth Island. Not a lot is known about the new map, essentially just it is name: Fortune’s Keep. Activision has been running in this map for quite some time, and it apparently it’ll be hitting Warzone in Season four. What we do recognise is that it’s going to be a smaller map. Nowhere close to the scale of Caldera or Verdansk, so it seems unlikely that Caldera will get replaced. Caldera is only some months vintage – even if it doesn’t experience love it – and Rebirth is the oldest map left status. Rebirth Island might be Warzone’s maximum popular mode, so if they plan on replacing the map with a new one, they better make certain it is a very good map, in any other case Activision may be loosing plenty of players until Warzone 2 sooner or later comes out. Warzone 2 lots is known about the brand new map, because the statement essentially got here all of the sudden. According to numerous leaks, the map could be placed within the Mediterranean. That’s essentially all the data it truly is been revealed up to now. Activision kept quiet on this one, usually CoD leaks hit Twitter months before something gets carried out.— Call of Duty News (@WarzoneQG) June 12, 2022 Going off the records we’ve up to now, we can anticipate to peer a whole lot of close quarters fights, however unlike Rebirth, wherein it is a piece greater open and easier to navigate, I anticipate to peer a lot of smaller buildings. Basically, living quarters from Rebirth, stretched over an entire Island. Which simply seems like a camper’s paradise, so with a bit of luck Activision can find the proper balance. When Will Fortune’s Keep Be Released? Fortune’s Keep will be released in Season 4 of Warzone. Season three will cease on June 22, so Season four need to go stay on June 23. Call of Duty’s Twitter has already teased a community occasion, where we need to work collectively to reveal the new map’s appearance. This event will take location on Monday, June 13. Going of this, it’s honest to mention that the release is just around the corner. Once the full map has been found out, we’re going to update this text. That’s basically all we realize about Warzone’s new map Fortune’s Keep. Are you enthusiastic about a brand new map, or unhappy that Rebirth is leaving us? I recognize I will omit Rebirth and if this map sucks, our simplest hope could be Warzone 2, cos I ain’t gambling Caldera. If you need to recognize extra about Warzone 2 check those out: MW2 & Warzone 2 Confirmed – New Engine & FOV SliderModern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Will Feature Swimming

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