Usually Looks Charming, This Is What’s Funny Lee Min Ho-Song Joong Ki And Hyun Bin Cs When Attending Weddings

These Actors Not Only Draw Attention To The Times When They Are The Main Characters, But They Also Do So When Attending A Friend’s Wedding As Wedding Guests.

Korean celebrities such as Song Joong Ki , Gong Yoo , Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho have been known for their handsome and extraordinary appearance. These actors not only draw attention to the times when they are the main characters, but they also do so when attending a friend’s wedding as wedding guests.

Even though they look simple and elegant, sometimes they even become “in the spotlight” because of their extraordinary appearance. One of them is Hyun Bin, whose several photos of him attending weddings have spread in cyberspace and have always been a hot topic. Son Ye Jin ‘s husband sometimes wears an elegant suit, sometimes a polo shirt and trousers, but his handsome appearance always attracts everyone’s attention.

Then there is Song Joong Ki who has a handsome, cute face, and masculine body and that is what makes him shine with his appearance wherever he is, even if he is not the main character in the show. Song Joong Ki and his best friend Lee Kwang Soo once attended a mutual friend’s wedding, the elegant appearance of the “Descendants of the Sun” actor immediately made netizens flutter.

There is also a photo of Song Joong Ki standing in the rain which has been widely shared. Meanwhile, fans will definitely not forget the moment when Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-Wook attended a friend’s wedding. When taking a group photo, the two actors filled the “highlight” by making a heart shape together.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho accidentally became the center of attention while attending a wedding ceremony. The reason for this came from a photo shoot by a guest at the wedding. Even though his clothes were simple, the actor was still very handsome. Meanwhile , Yoo Ah In was one of the guests who received the most attention at Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo ‘s wedding . Yoo Ah In made everyone laugh with his mischievous actions, which contrasted with his cool appearance.

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