Ultraman Returns to Action in New Season Two Trailer!

Over the years, the Ultraman franchise has shown fans that the hero who protects Earth from the Kaiju is a giant. However, in 2011, a spin-off manga titled Ultraman recounted the hero in a different perspective, where Ultraman appeared life-size. The manga was later adapted into a 3D anime series which in 2019 was released on the Netflix streaming channel. And soon, it’s confirmed that Netflix will soon air its second season.

The Ultraman series focuses on a protagonist named Shinjiro Hayata, son of the original Ultraman Shin Hayata who had become the proud giant hero of Earth in the live action classic Ultraman in 1966. Just like the previous season, Ultraman Season 2 animation will be re-produced by Production IG and Sola. Digital Arts. The director’s seat is filled by Kenji Kamiya and Shinji Aramaki, who previously worked on the animated series Black Lotus. Recently, Netflix released the first trailer for Ultraman Season 2 which shows more of Ultraman.

Shared by Netflix Anime via its official Twitter account, the Ultraman Season 2 trailer shows the six Ultramans who will work together to defeat the dangerous aliens that invaded Earth. The six Ultramen are Shinjiro Hayata aka Ultraman, Shin Hayata aka Ultraman Zoffy, Dan Maroboshi aka Ultraman Seven, Seiji Hokuto aka Ultraman Ace, Jack aka Ultraman Jack, and finally the fan favorite Kotaro Higashi aka Ultraman Taro.

According to Ultraman’s official website , Season 2 features a new voice cast, including Tomoaki Maeno ( That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ) as the voice of Kotaro Higashi, Maaya Sakamoto ( The Vision of Escaflowne , Ouran High School Host Club, Rebuild of Evangelion ) as the voices of Kotaro’s lover Izumi, Hideyuki Tanaka ( Metal Gear Solid , Saint Seiya ), and Ryohei Kimura ( Eden of the East).

The story of Ultraman Season 2 will follow the “Disappearance Incident” arc, where humans mysteriously disappear, including protagonist Shinjiro Hayata. The trailer also shows that the original Ultraman will reappear, complete with his classic costume. The anime series Ultraman Season 2 has a total of six episodes and is scheduled to premiere on the Netflix streaming channel on April 14, 2022.

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