The Tinder Swindler Review (2022): “Romeo Scammer” Action Through Tinder

This Tinder Swindler review contains no SPOILERS!

Whether you’re a Netflix subscriber or not, of course you know one of the Netflix releases that’s been really hype in the past week.


Yes, especially if it’s not the release of a documentary called The Tinder Swindler . Released on February 2, 2022, this documentary has immediately become one of the must watch Netflix shows.


In fact, since its release, this film has become very popular for all Netflix audiences/customers in our country. Seeing this, of course, we feel super curious, is this documentary really as good as it has been said?

Well , just take a look at the following The Tinder Swindler review .

1 Simon, 3 Women

This documentary directed by Felicity Morris focuses on three women from different countries named: Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte. Well, although physically and in different locations, all three of them share the same uncomfortable and annoying experience.

All three are victims of fraud and theft ( scamming ) of money from the same man they know from the top dating app, Tinder . The figure was named Simon Leviev. Yes, if we think about it, it’s really crazy that these three women can swipe the same man.

The term is like it’s just a setting . But no guys , the three of them did geeky swipe or choose Simon. Of course, the three of them didn’t know that each of them chose Simon.

And also the three of them certainly did not think that the figure of Simon they loved, would later damage their lives financially and also mentally traumatized.

High Level Female PDKT Science

It is said that because Simon, through the Tinder application, is slowly emptying or emptying all of their savings. Even one of them, obviously living just barely enough, had to borrow money again in order to lend it to Simon again.

In launching the action Simon first approached the victim for 1-2 months. Now to be honest, this makes me very happy, Romeo bint Don Juan is really Simon. He was so successful in making all three fall in love.

In their confession in this film, the three of them immediately felt very comfortable when they met. In fact, in the end, each of them was promised to be almost married. It’s crazy. Using PDKT knowledge from France, I think. That is, the Ciamis Seal he..he.

Slowly squeezing the contents of the victim’s credit card

Then after getting that close, he started to launch his money grabbing action. He first confessed to the three that he was in an “emergency” situation. Or he has just been or is being threatened with his life by his business “enemy”.

He even went so far as to upload a photo where he and his “bodyguard” were injured in the head. It was as if the head guard had just been beaten badly by his “enemy”. So basically according to him, to be able to escape from this whole “disaster”, he needed a fairly large amount of money.

Now Cecilie, Pernilla, and Ayleen, who had never faced this situation before, naturally panicked and felt pity. They finally transferred the money that Simon asked for. Simon said that he would reimburse them later.

But the fact is that not only did he not change their money, he also kept asking and asking again. The point is until the three money “broke”. And the funny thing is, all the money he borrowed he used to have fun with the next target victim.

For example, he uses Cecilie’s money to please Pernilla and then uses Pernilla’s money to have fun with Ayleen. Yes, so keep on turning the wheel. Anyway, this person is very clever and evil.

Israel’s Greatest Scammer

In the end, because they felt that Simon was a scammer , the three decided to work together to stop this “romeo scammer ” action. And through an investigation assisted by the media and the local police, it was finally discovered that Simon Leviev was indeed an accomplished scammer .

His real name is Shimon Hayut and is from Israel. Hayut has often been imprisoned for similar cases of scamming . Anyway, I have often received reports even in my own country.

But instead of repenting, he kept repeating the same thing. Now after knowing all these details, finally through Pernilla, Hayut was caught.

But of course I do not want to reveal how the arrest process. Anyway, please watch for yourself. That’s great. It’s like watching the NCIS series or Criminal Minds !

Arahan Documents Keren Morris

Actually, Simon’s criminal plot has often happened. Especially if you are a “veteran” in social media, let alone looking for a mate online . However, because this case was very popular in 2018-2019 ago, this case was immediately considered as something “new”.

Moreover, Morris as a director is also cool in packaging this whole documentary. He is very direct ( to the point ) but at the same time remains patient and thorough. So even though it’s to the point , what he wants to convey is still very complete.

Or in other words, nothing makes us as the audience ask this and that again. Besides that, it’s cool again in showing the film, he applies the continuous technique.

That is, he still focuses on the story of one victim, then on a specific story point he stops to move on to the story of the next victim. Well, later at a certain point, he continued the story of the first victim. And if there is a resemblance, then he will immediately use a new scene but which he has linked the red thread with each other.

As a result, with the application of this technique, we as the audience do not feel bored when watching it. Honestly, at first I was surprised when I found out that the duration of this film is 114 minutes or let’s say 2 hours.

Because documentaries are very rarely available up to 2 hours. Moreover, the topic is about “nuts” criminals like this. But again with the genius of Morris, the 2 hour duration becomes not felt at all.

Best Documentary Film of 2022

So with all these assessments. So we can conclude through this review of The Tinder Swindler that this film is a very good documentary. In fact, it is one of the best documentaries of 2022.

Yes, yes it is still too early to say so. But yes at the same time that’s how it is, isn’t it? Also this documentary is very apt to be released. Due to the fact, there are still a lot of people who are super new to this online scamming crime .

So, I hope that after watching this film, we can just be more careful. Especially if we are Tinder “players” or other dating apps/sites. Please use it, no problem. The important thing is to be smart in using it, guys !

I hope this review of The Tinder Swindler is useful!

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