The Field Workplace Underperformers Of 2011


By Simon Brew yr when box workplace records were breaking, and whilst three films thus far have crossed the $1bn mark, there’s still been room for a few field office disappointments. So which films didn’t trap on? And did they deserve their destiny? Let’s discover…

WINNIE THE POOHBudget: $30mWorldwide box office: $31m

A travesty, this. Disney’s modern hand-drawn movie turned into a real labour of love, a big display journey for Winnie The Pooh and his chums inside the Hundred Acre Wood. It wasn’t a perfect film, granted, but its became exquisitely crafted, changed into inclined to attempt a few matters with the source fabric, and deserved to be some other sizable animation hit for the House Of Mouse.

Only it wasn’t. It absolutely opened within the UK before the United States, now not even scraping £1m at the UK field office. Then, when it opened inside the US, it was programmed towards the discharge of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, and were given trounced as a end result.

It deserved higher. Granted, it’s a far less expensive lively production than Disney’s remaining (the $200m+ Tangled), and inevitably, it’ll flip a earnings. But a $31m worldwide take up to now has left Disney not even freeing a Blu-ray model of the film in the UK, deciding on as an alternative for a unmarried DVD. A actual pity, as there’s masses of ability and clever storytelling right here, although one or two of the voices are a bit off.

GREEN LANTERNBudget: $200mWorldwide container workplace: $176m

This turned into speculated to be a pivotal film for Warner Bros. Aware that its DC brand turned into reliant on Batman and Superman films to maintain it effervescent, the plan become to herald every other massive-price range superhero movie, and probably increase to a full Justice League film, like Marvel’s The Avengers. The trouble? Green Lantern just didn’t degree up.

The warning signs and symptoms had been illuminated whilst Warner Bros agreed to stump up $9m for additonal results work perilously near the movie’s release date. A massive marketing spend, meanwhile, helped the movie to a first rate $53m establishing weekend in America. But from then on, rotten phrase of mouth strangled the film. It found its way to $115m inside the US in the long run, but the actual harm changed into carried out at the global field office.

In a yr wherein movies along with Harry Potter 7b and Pirates Of The Caribbean four have visible 70-80% in their takings comes from outdoor the States, Green Lantern bombed. Its non-US haul to date is just $61m. Potter stands at $857m, at the same time as Pirates has grabbed $798m of non-US business. Even Hollywood comedies, traditionally bad travelers, had been operating in non-US markets. Green Lantern, regardless of that big advertising roll-out, honestly failed to achieve this.

Warner Bros is bullish, insisting that a sequel continues to be deliberate. It can be replacing director Martin Campbell, however it’ll also be patently conscious that the underperformance of Green Lantern would possibly just have iced those Justice League plans for some extra years but. Perhaps that’s why Warner Bros is rumoured to be specializing in a Batman-Superman film rather…

THE DILEMMABudget: $70mWorldwide field office: $69m

Ron Howard back doing comedy? That had to be a good concept. This is the man, after all, who directed the comedy classic Parenthood. He did Splash. He changed into in Happy Days. Why now not get him to go back to the comedy genre after a long time away? That’d be awesome.

Turns out, no one told Ron Howard. Whilst ostensibly billed as a comedy, The Dilemma became absolutely more of a darkish drama, and practically a mirth free one. Sure, the inclusion of Vince Vaughn and Kevin James promised giggles, but the tone of the film goes off in an unexpected course, and unluckily, it’s a raffle that fails. The Dilemma, ultimately, doesn’t paintings as a comedy, and isn’t a great deal cop as a drama, either (although it’s no catastrophe).

The marketing did push it greater as a comedic piece, however while word of mouth this 12 months has pushed a comedy movie inclusive of Bridesmaids to massive success, it had the alternative impact on The Dilemma. Which, despite its big name energy, fizzled out with about enough money to cowl the manufacturing price range. Just the advertising and marketing charges and the distribution costs to pay, then.

Since The Dilemma, Ron Howard’s next challenge, a huge edition of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, has lost its investment (although he’s nonetheless seeking to get it made). It’s unclear what his next task will now be. A proper comedy could now not be a horrific concept, although.

GLEE 3-d: THE CONCERT MOVIEBudget: $9mWorldwide field office: $8m

In some quarters, this was seemed as a piece of a shoo-in. Giving that a film of a Hannah Montana live performance added in $70m for Disney some years back, and that the Justin Bieber film fell simply brief of $100m, shooting a Glee live performance ought to have seemed like a tremendous plan.

After all, Glee remains a tv phenomenon, generating hit album after hit album. Two similarly seasons of the show had been commissioned when season one wasn’t finished, and the concert excursion itself become proving to be a big achievement. Thus, the plan became simple. Film a live performance, bang it out in 3D, sit again and count number the cash.

Turns out, if they have been going to do Glee at the huge display screen, they need to have achieved it nicely. Audiences within the States grew to become their again at the movie on its beginning weekend, with it no longer even breaking the top ten chart. Currently, its take in the US is simply $6.8m, and while the DVD and Blu-ray income will extra than probably be healthy, and Fox’s economic outlay at the movie isn’t high, that is nevertheless a vast commercial disappointment.

It may not take a destiny Glee movie off the agenda. But it have to keep concert films out of cinemas for a great decade or so to come.

SCREAM 4Budget: $40mWorldwide container workplace: $97m

Let’s get this immediately: Scream 4 isn’t any flop.

Appreciating that the production budget doesn’t do not forget advertising and distribution charges, there’s no manner the movie won’t be in income by the point the DVD and Blu-ray sales, and other ancillaries, are factored in. The trouble, though, is it become predicted to achieve this much better than it did.

The overall performance of the primary 3 Scream films, over a decade in the past, become staggering. Cheap to make, the 3 films took $173m, $172m and $161m at the worldwide container workplace on their original release, and made some distance extra than that on DVD. A belated sequel, although, is always a danger, and whilst Scream four regarded to attract people who enjoyed the unique trilogy, it genuinely struggled to herald new enthusiasts to the franchise.

It didn’t help that the film petered out into fairly widespread fare, after a promising starting. You can assist however feel there has been a bolder, cleverer movie to be comprised of Scream four than the apparently compromised one that we were given. Perhaps the rumoured behind the curtain problems did have an effect.

The performance of the movie has all however killed the concept for a sparkling trilogy, we’d have thought. The present day questioning is to do a right reboot, and begin again from scratch. Which, given how low-priced the films are to make, is likely to be a smart idea, and ultimately, a extra profitable one.

SUCKER PUNCHBudget: $82mWorldwide container office: $89m

In defence of Sucker Punch, the extended cut at the Blu-ray improves subjects (more on that right here). But there’s little doubting that Zack Snyder’s maximum current film, and his closing before his Superman reboot, completed nicely below in which Warner Bros wanted it to be.

Castigated severely in some quarters, although defended with the aid of a small middle, this changed into Snyder at his most unleashed. It changed into additionally him being quite economical, as anything you thought of the give up product, there’s little doubt that it’s visually magnificent, specially as the work executed on the movie got here in for beneath $90m. That wouldn’t pay for half of the budget of a lot of this year’s largest films.

The problem changed into that the film couldn’t live on awful phrase of mouth. Plus, the advertising marketing campaign targeted on its five scantily clad protagonists, and never convincingly managed to get throughout just what the film changed into about. As such, a vastly disappointing $36m US haul became only partially offset through the $53m of non-US takings.

Snyder may be beneath greater editorial manipulate, you’d consider, on Man Of Steel, and the evidence of Sucker Punch is that that won’t be a terrible factor. As it stands, once marketing prices are factored in, Warner Bros won’t see income on this one for a touch at the same time as but.

THE BEAVERBudget: $21mWorldwide field workplace: $6m

The Beaver was never designed to be a blockbuster, but it nonetheless stays a powerful surprise just how little business it did. Inevitably, a great deal of the for that, with some justification, has been laid at the door of Mel Gibson.

If the film were released before Gibson’s most latest set of transgressions and properly-pronounced comments, there’s an issue that shows The Beaver, directed by using Jodie Foster, could have finished ten instances the commercial enterprise that it in the long run did (it couldn’t even crack $1m within the US).


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