Showing Off Body Goals, Yuri SNSD’s Appearance In Swimwear Makes Amazed

On Saturday (21/5), SNSD’s Yuri Showed Off Her Beautiful Face And Slim Body Through Instagram Posts. Take A Peek At His Appearance And The Following Netizen Responses.

SNSD ‘s Kwon Yuri ( Girls’ Generation ) has again stolen the public’s attention with her impressive appearance. This time, she showed off her slender body in a beautiful swimsuit.

On Saturday (21/5), Yuri posted two photos on his Instagram with a short caption that read, “Tropically “. In the photo, Yuri is seen relaxing on a chair by the pool while enjoying a drink.

Yuri wore a cut out swimsuit combined with a jacket and shorts. In particular, she managed to attract attention with her slim body and slender legs.

As soon as this photo was posted, netizens immediately flooded it with various comments. Those who were fascinated by Yuri’s beauty and ideal body began to give various compliments such as the following:

“Wow, that dress really suits you!” said a netizen. “You look like a Goddess!” added another netizen. “You are not only beautiful but also have an ideal body,” added another netizen.

“As a woman, I feel jealous of you. Haha you are beautiful, have a good body and are good at singing. Basically you have everything,” said another. “Yuri, you are amazing. I admire you,” concluded the other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, Yuri was recently confirmed to star in a drama titled ” Good Job ” which will air on Sky TV. This is his reunion drama with Jung Il Woo after starring in ” Bossam: Steal the Fate ” in 2021.

In addition, this 1989-born woman will also make a comeback with SNSD in August. This is their first comeback in five years after releasing the album titled “Holiday Night” in 2017.

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