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Megastar Wars: How The Clone Wars Redeemed The Prequel Trilogy – Ign

Megastar Wars: How The Clone Wars Redeemed The Prequel Trilogy – Ign

Beware of some spoilers beforehand!Star Wars fandom has an uneasy courting with the Star Wars prequel films. For a few, they’re an insult to the legacy of the liked original movies. For others, the prequels were what got them addicted to Star Wars within the first vicinity. But to a brilliant many Star Wars lovers, the prequels are virtually mediocre films. We can admire them for what they delivered to the Skywalker Saga, but that does not imply they aren’t extremely unsuitable films.There is one thing on which maximum Star Wars lovers can agree, however. The Clone Wars animated series is pinnacle-tier Star Wars content material. This long-strolling collection spun gold out of the straw that changed into the prequels, lending new depth to many existing characters, introducing numerous new fan-favorites and typically making this period of the Star Wars timeline a miles extra charming and dramatically rich location.

Now that The Clone Wars has taken its final bow (finishing with one of the collection’ high-quality episodes, no less), it looks like the precise time to reflect at the legacy of the series and the way it managed to redeem the Star Wars prequels.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Final Season GalleryFleshing Out Star Wars FavoritesThe Star Wars prequels had been in no way going with a purpose to do proper justice to the Clone Wars struggle, given the scope of that battle and the fact that we handiest ever see the very starting and very give up of the struggle in those films. The Clone Wars become conceived as a manner of fleshing out the ones missing years in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and displaying us how Anakin Skywalker evolved from promising young Jedi to Dark Lord of the Sith.It really succeeded in the ones desires. Anakin changed into one of the series’ foremost protagonists throughout all seven seasons, and The Clone Wars delivered a depth of characterization that became on occasion lacking within the films. Voice actor Matt Lanter channeled Hayden Christensen whilst making the individual his personal. The Anakin visible in The Clone Wars is a usually extra likable and charismatic hero, with even a sprint of Han Solo’s roguish attraction for appropriate degree. On the turn facet, many episodes chronicle the simmering darkness inside and the growing divide between Anakin and his Jedi comrades.

Nor is Anakin the most effective prequel man or woman given new lifestyles in The Clone Wars. Padme Amidala arguably benefits extra than all people else. The Anakin/Padme romance honestly feels loads extra proper in the lively collection than it does within the films. But past her courting with Anakin, Padme is given greater opportunity to stand on her own in The Clone Wars. We study more approximately her past on Naboo and spot the crucial function she played in seeking to carry a diplomatic cease to the warfare.And while Obi-Wan Kenobi become by no means the point of interest of the collection as frequently as we might have appreciated, The Clone Wars sincerely facilitates flesh out this sage Jedi Master. Most seriously, we examine Obi-Wan harbored a secret love for Mandalore’s Duchess Satine and as soon as pondered a everyday existence out of doors the Jedi Order. That early revelation fuels a few crucial storylines for Master Kenobi in later seasons and offers us some concept of how plenty Obi-Wan sacrificed in his dedication to the Jedi course.

Plenty of other helping characters and villains from the films are given 2nd life thanks to The Clone Wars. Count Dooku and General Grievous come to be both more terrifying and more complex. We see a young Boba Fett take his first steps in the direction of turning into the legend he’s inside the time of the Empire. Even Jedi who had very little communicate inside the prequels – Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, Even Piell, and so forth. – have been given personalities and a greater enormous part to play in the war.Ahsoka, Ventress and Maul: Shades of GreyAs an awful lot because the Clone Wars did to flesh out the familiar heroes and villains of the films, the series’ actual accomplishment is in running with characters like Ahsoka Tano, Asajj Ventress and Darth Maul. These are characters who have been either state-of-the-art to the saga (Ahsoka), not always that acquainted to casual enthusiasts (Ventress) or previously most effective had a small, contained function inside the franchise (Maul). All 3 have end up much more fundamental to the Star Wars franchise thanks to The Clone Wars, to the point wherein Ahsoka is reportedly making her stay-action debut in The Mandalorian: Season 2.

Star Wars: Every Jedi and Every Sith EverIf an ensemble series like this can also be stated to have a single foremost protagonist, Ahsoka is clearly it. Many fanatics had been understandably wary of the person early on. We have been presupposed to consider Anakin had a Padawan who’s never cited inside the movies? But Ahsoka’s increase is the single most crucial via-line of the complete collection. We see her evolve from impulsive rookie to a pupil who, in lots of approaches, surpasses her grasp. Ahsoka does what Anakin didn’t do – leave the Jedi and are seeking her personal course earlier than her existence changed into destroyed. She might not have regarded in the prequels, however it is clean through the cease of the series that the loss of his friendship with Ahsoka performed a pivotal position in Anakin’s downfall.

As for Ventress, at the same time as she become a major player in the authentic Genndy Tartakovsky-produced Clone Wars series and numerous Expanded Universe comics, this Clone Wars collection is in which she certainly got here into her very own as a person. Ventress advanced from formidable Dark Side adept to chaotic free agent after being betrayed via Count Dooku. Similarly, Darth Maul became a very trustworthy character in The Phantom Menace – one described more by means of his looks and presence than intensity of persona. But way to his surprising return in The Clone Wars and his ongoing feuds with Obi-Wan and Darth Sidious, Maul became a miles extra tragic and three-dimensional individual.

The not unusual subject matter with all three of those is they fall outside of the conventional Jedi/Sith dichotomy. Maul and Ventress had been nothing greater than collateral damage in Sidious’ grasp plan. Ahsoka became dissatisfied with the Jedi after seeing the devastation of their battle and coming across how easily her comrades could switch on her. Not best does this upload crucial new layers to the Jedi/Sith competition in the prequels, however The Clone Wars does some thing the sequel trilogy in no way completely managed – illustrating how the direction to true enlightenment within the Force requires a stability of Light and Dark. In precise, the very last season provides new importance to Ahsoka’s iconic line in Star Wars Rebels – “I am no Jedi.”Heroes on Both SidesThe establishing crawl in Revenge of the Sith teases, “There are heroes on both sides” of the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, that’s not an concept the prequel movies had been sincerely able to discover. Again, we most effective see the very starting and very stop of the struggle within the movies, and the Separatist faction is represented particularly by using merciless Sith Lords, remorseless machines and sniveling bureaucrats and bankers. The concept that the Confederacy of Independent Systems includes actual heroes and lots of worlds that simply need to live freed from Republic rule is barely stated in Episodes II and III.

This is any other vicinity where the Clone Wars TV collection provides critical context. The series makes accurate on that commencing move slowly tease via virtually showing fans what it method for there to be heroes on each aspects of the conflict. There’s even an episode known as “Heroes on Both Sides,” one that suggests Padme and her Separatist counterpart working collectively to deliver a non violent decision to the battle.

One of the most critical themes in The Clone Wars is the idea that neither side is truely suitable or evil. Both are merely pawns in a recreation orchestrated by an all-powerful Sith Lord to have a predetermined outcome. The struggle is both adverse and unnecessary. The collection each humanizes the various Clonetroopers who played a element in the warfare even as illustrating that they had been most effective ever disposable gear supposed to serve a motive and be discarded after they outlived their usefulness.

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