Jay And Jake ENHYPEN Share Tips For Shopping For Fashion Items, Guaranteed You Won’t Go Out Of Style

In His ‘JAY-Fashion’ Segment, Jay And Jake ENHYPEN Experiment With Different Styles With Their Outfits. There Are Tips When Shopping For Clothes So You Don’t Go Out Of Style.

Jay ENHYPEN is back with his personal segment “JAY-Fashion” to share tips on mixing and matching clothes. Not alone, this time Jay was accompanied by Jake who was also interested in fashion.

On Friday (13/5) ENHYPEN’s official YouTube channel shared a video entitled “JAY’s Fashion Guide”. In the video, the HYBE practice room is decorated like a complete boutique with a dressing room. The clothes and items such as shirts, pants, jackets, shoes and other accessories were brought from Jay’s closet and several other ENHYPEN members.

Before trying out each other’s preferred styles, Jake and Jay checked the available items first. They talk about pants of various colors. According to Jake, Jay has many pants of various colors.

“Jay actually has a lot of pants like this. Usually I buy pants first,” Jake said in the video.

After Jake revealed his shopping habits, Jay shared a few tips on filling his wardrobe. These tips are useful for those who are confused about mix and match clothes.

“There is a phase like this. People pay a lot of attention to tops and pay less attention to things like pants or shoes in most cases,” said Jay.

Then when he tried something but something didn’t fit, Jay suggested trying something other than a top. Jay thinks that by having a variety of pants and shoes to choose from, a person is guaranteed not to go out of style because they pay too much attention to tops.

“If you feel something is missing you might want to try a different pair of pants or shoes, this can be a great solution.”

One of the useful fashion items according to Jay are jeans with basic colors. “We have jeans here. The colors are the most basic and fit,” he said.

The video continues with Jay and Jake picking each other’s clothes. Jay is in charge of dressing Jake in a “rebel” style. On the other hand, Jake is tasked with determining Jay’s outfit in a nerdy student style.

In the end, Jake chose a white and brown plaid flannel shirt with a black coat complete with comfortable pants. Meanwhile, Jay chose a black shirt, a black crop jacket which was tucked into basic colored jeans and a crop jacket.

“Actually, I like this style. The pants also fit. It fits. This is a crop jacket,” said Jake.

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