Friendship That Can’t Be Long Lasted, J-Hope BTS Shows Closeness To Lady Gaga!


J-Hope BTS Showed His Closeness With World Singer Lady Gaga By Attending His Solo Concert And Capturing The Moment Together And Sharing It Through His Personal Instagram Account.

The popularity of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) in the world today is no longer in doubt. In fact, a series of world-famous celebrities also seemed to show their support for BTS.

BTS also seems to be starting to often show their closeness with world-famous celebrities. This time, J-Hope showed his familiarity with the famous singer Lady Gaga .

J-Hope through his personal Instagram account seemed to show that he was watching Lady Gaga’s solo concert. The handsome idol seemed very enthusiastic about spending his free time watching concerts.

A few hours later, J-Hope showed something completely unexpected. J-Hope shared a series of moments of his togetherness with Lady Gaga.

J-Hope was given the opportunity to greet Lady Gaga backstage. Both of them looked familiar with each other in the portrait that J-Hope shared.

The Idol born in 1994 expressed his happiness because he could enjoy Lady Gaga‘s concert. J-Hope admitted that he was very lucky because he could see the appearance of Lady Gaga, which he really idolized.

” Today was really an amazing day. When it comes to a show, there’s no one like Lady Gaga!!! It was a special day for me, because I really wanted to see her perform. Today, on stage she was amazing, but off stage he is very professional and there is a lot to learn from him, and every comment from him for me will stay with me for the rest of my life, ” said J-Hope, Friday (15/4).

” @ladygaga, my queen forever!!! Please continue to make your amazing music. Thanks to you, today I discovered the beauty of jazz!!! I support you as a fan!!! Love you! ” concluded J-Hope sweetly.


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