European quidditch in the spotlight this summer 2022

That’s it ! After two years of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and numerous postponements , European quidditch competitions are finally back in 2022! Admittedly, the national championships had already been able to resume for several months, but the difficulties in traveling internationally had not yet been able to allow the resumption of confrontations on a larger scale.

We take an overview of these events, and all the information about them.



It is the second division of the EQC, the European Cup of Quidditch Clubs, which will open the ball. It will take place the weekend of April 23 and 24, 2022 in Brescia, Italy.

This competition, new to 2019, aims primarily to develop the sport in emerging European nations. It will bring together this time 24 teams (against 16 previously) from 11 European nations, including Slovenia, new to the competition.

The pool draw took place on April 3.
As in the 2019 edition, the German and English teams will take the status of favorites. As a reminder, the 2019 final was 100% German! With the difference that the German teams present then occupied 5th to 8th place in their national championship, against 9th and 10th place for this year.

The English teams are, on the contrary, better classified for this season in division 2, since the country obtained fewer places for the first division. The same goes for Spain, who will be keen to prove that they can recover their two places in the first division.


All the teams are presented by country of origin, in the order of their ranking in the national championships taken into account for registration in European competitions. We have added their ranking during the previous edition, as well as the draw hat of the groups in which they will be drawn on April 3.


The next event to note on all your diaries is the 2022 Quidditch French Cup. Even if it is not, strictly speaking, a European event, and the national championship which has resumed since the start of the season allows already to have a vision of the level of play of the French teams, the cup will still be an opportunity to have an overview of the level of French quidditch.

It will take place in Angers, on May 7th and 8th! La Gazette will of course be there to bring you closer to the events of this competition.

We will find there the multiple reigning champions, the Titans Paris , but also the Paris Frogs, the Olympians Paris, Toulouse, the Crookshanks Lyon, the Black Snitches of Lille,… In short, many teams that we will see again a few weeks later for play in the EQC Premier League. In other words, the matches will already be very interesting to watch!



Since 2012, the EQC Division 1 brings together the best European clubs for a weekend. But this year, perhaps even more than the others, will have a special flavor. Indeed, it has been 2 years since the European teams have met, some championships have been interrupted. It is therefore more difficult than ever to assess the progress and level of the various top teams!

So how much will European competition be turned upside down? It ‘s in Limerick, Ireland, on June 4 and 5 that we’ll find out!

Obviously, we will have our sights set on the Belgian and French teams. With the return of Antwerp Quidditch Club to the limelight after their break of more than a year , and the hegemony of the Titans Paris on the competition for years , the two neighboring nations are under the spotlight.

However, we must not forget the Turks, less represented this year but finalists in 2019! Indeed, while their performances in previous editions opened the door for them for this year, Turkey had to refuse some of the places allocated to them for lack of a team to send with COVID. Only one team, but not the least, will make the trip.

The teams from the United Kingdom will of course also make their place in the competition, with in particular the Werewolves of London, bronze medalists at the last edition. Finally, Germany, thanks to its performance in 2019, managed to qualify 8 teams for this competition, i.e. a quarter of the total teams! Suffice to say that it would be surprising not to come across several German clubs at the top of the ranking.
Less favourites, Norway are known for their outbursts and sometimes unexpected performances, so keep an eye on the three qualified teams.

In any case, the chicken draws spare no one. From the group phase, big shocks, which will set the tone for the weekend, are expected. No great team gets away without worthy opposition. In group H, Antwerp will come up against the Velociraptors; in Group F, the Titans will take on London’s Unspeakables; Paris Frog will face the British Olympians; the Turkish Unicorns will find a tough opponent in Bonn… No “group of death” particularly stands out, although groups B and E seem the most balanced.


All the teams are presented by country of origin, in the order of their ranking in the national championships taken into account for registration in European competitions. We have added their ranking in the previous edition, as well as the draw hat of the groups in which they were drawn on April 3rd.


It is also this summer that the European Games will take place after the postponement of the 2021 edition. This quidditch competition brings together the European national teams! If we do not yet know to what extent the different nations will be able to send teams in top form, we already know that the competition will still rage!

It will also take place in Limerick, Ireland , from July 22 to 24, 2022 .


If we will obviously find the favorite teams of the tournament on site, such as France, Belgium, England or Turkey, the 2022 competition will have a World Cup air. Indeed, Australia has announced its participation in the 2022 Quidditch European Cup!

Does that seem weird to you? However, the rules of the International Quidditch Association are very clear on this subject. If no continental competition is organized in the team’s dedicated geographical area, it has the right to participate in the continental competition of its choice. And it is therefore to Europe that Australia has decided to turn.

A strategic choice?

Australia is not just anyone. World champion in 2016, it is the only nation other than the United States that can boast of having brought this cup home. Eliminated in the quarter-finals against these same Americans in 2018, we know that she could have gone much further in the competition if she had not faced the world champions in direct confrontation so soon.

Australia is therefore a tough opponent. However, strongly isolated on her island, all the more so with the pandemic and the very strict measures introduced in the country, she needs competition and adversity to test her level before the upcoming World Cup. She could have joined the Pan-American Cup, but then she would have faced the USA; taking the risk of directly revealing his game, his strong and weak points, to his rival.

The European Games will allow him to face top nations in the world, such as Belgium, finalist against the United States in 2018 and who faced them on equal terms, while maintaining a part of secrecy in his game for the World Cup.

It remains to be seen which of France, Belgium, Australia, or another European nation will be able to boast of being “  European Champion in Title  ” at the end of the tournament.

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