10 Cast of Princess Hours, Dramas that were Hits of Their Time

Starting from an arranged marriage between their two grandfathers, Lee Shin and Shin Chae Gyeong eventually became husband and wife. Cha Gyeong’s life, who was just an ordinary girl, changed completely. He could not be as free as before and had to live separately from his parents.

What made him even more sad, Lee Shin was indifferent to him. The drama that managed to help spread hallyu throughout the world, Princess Hours , aired in 2006.

Also known as Goong , this drama is an adaptation of the manhwa of the same name written by Park So Hee. The setting of this drama is a 21st century Korean country that is told to follow a monarchical system.

The main drama players, apart from Yoon Eun Hye who is a member of the girl band Baby Vox and Kim Jeong Hoon, the UN duo, are not very well known. However, this drama was successfully loved by fans, even now it is predicted that a remake will be made . Come on, let’s get acquainted with the players of the booming 2006 version of Princess Hours .

1. Yoon Eun Hye
Before plunging into the world of television screens, Yoon Eun Hye already existed as a singer from a girl group called Baby Vox which is quite famous. The drama Goong or Princess Hours is her first debut as an actress. Paired with Joo Ji Hoon who plays Lee Shin, Yoon Eun Hye in this drama plays Shin Chae Gyeong.

Shin Chae Gyeong, who attends Korean Art High School, turns out to be in the same school as her future husband, Lee Shin. She is a cheerful girl and has a characteristic in wearing her school clothes. Chae Gyeong never takes off the sweatpants she wears along with her school skirt.

2. Joo Ji Hoon
Before starring in the drama Goong , Joo Ji Hoon worked as a model. She once had a small role in a TV drama, but her breakthrough came from Goong/Princess Hours . Joo Ji Hoon plays Lee Shin, a crown prince. Because her father was seriously ill, she was asked to marry immediately.

Actually Shin was going to propose to his girlfriend, Min Hyo Rin to be his wife, but Hyo Rin turned him down because she thought it was just a joke and she wanted to focus on her career as a ballerina. Like Chae Gyeong, he was forced to accept the match and was willing to marry Chae Gyeong.

3. Kim Jeong Hoon
Prior to playing in Princess Hours , Kim Jeong Hoon had already joined a duo called UN. In this drama he plays Prince Lee Yul.

Actually he was the one who should have married Chae Gyeong. But because his father died and he was exiled with his mother, Lady Hwa Young, to England, Shin finally became the crown prince.

4. Song Ji Hyo
Known by the nickname Ace in Running Man , before his role in Princess Hours , Ji Hyo had a cameo role in a drama. In the drama Princess Hours, Ji Hyo plays Min Hyo Rin, Lee Shin’s girlfriend. He met Shin on a trip.

Had refused when asked to marry by Shin, Hyo Rin suddenly tried to get back Shin with the help of Shin’s friends. He even chased Shin to Thailand while Shin was on a visit to the country.

5. Park Chan Hwan
The actor who is now 64 years old has starred in another drama that also became a hit , namely Dae Jang Geum . He plays Jang Geum’s father. In Princess Hours , Park Chan Hwan is again a father. He becomes Lee Shin’s father, the crown prince.

Due to his health condition, he has to hand over the leadership relay to Shin. Lee Shin’s father turns out to have an affair with Yul’s mother, Lady Hwa Young, who is the wife of his older brother, Prince Lee Soo. This fact is also known by his wife, Queen Min Seok. Because of this he also had a feud with Shin.

6. Shim Hye Jin
Shim Hye Jin plays Prince Yul’s mother, Lady Hwa Young was formerly the Crown Princess, the wife of Prince Lee Soo. But when her husband dies and the affair between her and her father Shin comes to light, she and Yul are eventually exiled to England.

7. Kang Nam Gil
Playing the role of Shin Chae Gyeong’s father, Kang Nam Gil is a veteran actor who has starred in a number of Korean dramas. He began appearing on television screens in 1966.

In this drama Princess Hours , Kang Nam Gil plays a funny and understanding father. Unfortunately he was not very successful at work, so he ended up being a housewife.

8. Yoon Yoo Sun
This Korean actress made her acting debut as a child actress in 1975. She is actively playing dramas until now. In Princess Hours , Yoon Yoo Sun played Queen Min Seok, his wife King Lee Hyun and his mother Lee Shin.

9. Im Ye Jin
Playing Shin Chae Gyeong’s mother, Im Ye Jin is described as a career woman. She replaced her husband’s role by working as an insurance consultant. He tries to convince Chae Gyeong to accept the matchmaking.

10. Kim Hye Ja
Starting to play dramas at the age of 29, Kim Hye Ja was lined up to become the Queen Mother. He has a pleasant personality and he loves Chae Gyeong very much. Even though he is “old” but his mind is quite open and “fun”.

He was the one who “mastermind” the first night for Shin and Chae Gyeong because they couldn’t stand the desire to have great-grandchildren. It was also the queen mother who tried to reunite Shin and Chae Gyeong. Those were the ten cast members of Princess Hours , a drama that is still widely watched by drama fans .

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