Yeri Red Velvet Meets And Hangs Out With Herin, Former SMRookies In London, This Is What Netizens Say

On July 30, Red Velvet Appeared At The ‘MIK Festival 2020’ Event Held In London, England. While Visiting London, The Youngest Member Of Red Velvet Met Herin, A Former SM Trainee.

Yeri Red Velvet is known to be close to former SMRookies members who were also her trainee friends at SM Entertainment. Recently, the 1999-born singer showed off his hangout activities in London with Herin (Seo Hyein).

Herin is known to have left SM Entertainment in 2016 and had participated in the survival event ” Idol School “, but failed to debut. Even so, he and Yeri are still in a close relationship, which can be seen from their Instagram posts.

On July 30, Red Velvet performed at the “MIK Festival 2020” event held in London, England. While visiting London, the youngest member of Red Velvet met Herin, who moved back to London, and also invited Herin and friends to watch the “MIK Festival”.

Herin shared her photo with Yeri which was taken when the two of them were hanging out enjoying the night view of London. Yeri also uploaded a photo of their two hands holding a drink, which was apparently taken while they were hanging out during the day.

Herin’s other posts show her and Yeri posing cutely with the caption, “Married couple things” as well as a photo of herself and Yeri at “MIK Festival 2020.” Their closeness also invites attention and comments from netizens.

“Yeri must have a very good personality. It’s been years since they trained together and Herin left SM, so it’s only natural that they are not close anymore but she maintains her friendship very well,” commented netizens. “Yeri seems like she has a lot of affection,” said another netizen. “Herin still looks the same when she smiles,” said another.

“You can say that they are true friends, not just in front of the camera,” said a netizen. “She looks like Liz IVE,” another commented. “I thought of Herin when I heard that Red Velvet had a schedule in London! Glad to see they are still good friends,” added another.

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