WJSN Successfully Brings Home The ‘Queendom 2’ Trophy, Take A Peek At 10 Portraits Of His Career Journey

WJSN Was Officially Crowned The Winner Of ‘Queendom 2’ For Beating 5 Other Contestants. The Following Is A Series Of Career Paths That Are Quite Full Of Twists And Turns.

Mnet’s survival program ” Queendom 2 ” has reached the final round on Thursday (2/6). Along with the end of the competition between female idols, WJSN ( Cosmic Girls ) was crowned the winner. Apparently WJSN managed to get 81,020 cumulative points . WJSN’s enthusiasm successfully made the members and fans cry with emotion.

Even so, South Korean netizens actually suspect WJSN’s victory. They accused Mnet of manipulating the scores of the participating participants.

However, this allegation was immediately denied by Mnet. Mnet calculated the global streaming score using the “Queendom 2 Playlist” on Spotify. This calculation is judged based on the daily playback of the song. Then, the score shown in the last broadcast of “Queendom 2” is based on facts.

This seems to prove that WJSN really won fairly without being manipulated. Meanwhile, the WowKeren team has compiled a series of portraits of WJSN’s career journey which is quite full of twists and turns.

  1. Debut With 12 Members
    WJSN debuted on February 24, 2016. This is a collaboration project of Starship Entertainment with Yuehua Entertainment. Nine Starship trainees ( Exy , Seola , Bona , Park Soobin , Dawon , Luda , Eunseo , Dayoung . and Yeoreum ) debuted as a Korean line . Meanwhile, 3 Yuehua trainees ( Cheng Xiao , Meiqi , and Xuan Yi ) became the China line . WJSN debuted with the release of the MV “Momomo ” starringLee Kwang Soo.
  2. Yeonjung Becomes A New Member
    On July 11, 2016, Starship revealed that former IOi Yeonjung became a new member of WJSN. As a result, this girl group officially has 13 members when launching the song “Secret”. Yeonjung seems to bring luck to WJSN. The reason is, “Secret” managed to reach the 31st position on the music chart .
  3. MONSTA X Collab Project
    Starship decided on a collaborative project between WJSN and Monsta X in the Y-Teen sub-unit in August 2016. Y-Teen has 14 members . namely all members of Monsta X and 7 WJSN, namely Exy, Seola, Soobin, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Yeoreum, and Dayoung. Apparently this sub unit aims to promote KT telephone tariff services.
  4. Popularity With 13 Members
    WJSN has become increasingly popular since it firmly established the 13-member formation, especially among gamers. As a result, they were lined up as models for the game “MOE (Master of Eternity)”. WJSN also successfully gathered 2000 fans at the “Would You Like – Happy Moment” concert in 2017. Thus, WJSN released their fandom name, Ujung. “Edge” itself in Korean means friendship .
  5. China Line Focus On Career At Home
    But unfortunately, China line decided to focus on a career in their hometown. Cheng Xiao has starred in many Chinese dramas and served as a judge on survival shows. Meanwhile, Meiqi and Xuan Yi managed to become the debut line-up for the Chinese version of the survival program “Produce 101”.
  6. WJSN’s First Win
    WJSN also continued his career in K-Pop with a 10-member formation. They also managed to get their first win on a music show thanks to the song “Save Me, Save You” which was released in 2018. Since then, WJSN has been increasingly known to the public.
  7. The Song ‘As You Wish’ Is Always Viral In The New Year
    On November 9, 2019, WJSN released the song “As You Wish” and received a positive response. The song is always viral on New Year’s Eve because of the meaning of the lyrics. WJSN seemed to invite listeners to keep compiling dreams and hopes in the new year.
  8. WJSN Sub Unit Concept
    WJSN has officially debuted their first sub unit WJSN CHOCOME which debuted on October 7, 2020. They carry a bright and cheerful concept on the song “Hmph!” and “Super Yuppers!”. Then, on May 12, 2021, the WJSN The Black sub unit debuted with the song “Easy” with the concept of girl crush .
  9. Flowering Path In ‘Queendom 2’
    Next, WJSn participated in “Queendom 2” with an 8-member lineup . However, Bona joined in the third round and managed to steal the show. WJSN successfully received praise thanks to the opening stage which carried the concept of 13 constellations .
  10. Ready To Say Goodbye In The Near Future
    WJSN is ready to greet Ujung in the near future. It is known that WJSN will hold a concert titled 2022 “Cosmic Girls Concert Wonderland” on June 11-12. WJSN will also make a comeback in July.

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